Choses a random color palette from the colourlovers api and sends it to a slack web-hook
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This project sends a random color palette from to a slack web-hook URL. At my employer we have a channel setup specifically for our graphic design department called colorlovers which is fed by this code. It is for color palette inspiration. Below is a screenshot.

Slack channel for Creatives

The code is written in F# and runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Essentially, the following summarizes what the code does.

  • uses the awesome F# JSON type provider to access the colour lover api found [here] (
  • extracts, transforms, converts and stores the colors from the api
  • creates a graphical (400px x 50px) bitmap image of the pallette
  • generates the JSON object for slack
  • posts to the slack web-hook

The resulting .exe is a console application and can be run directly from the command line.

> ColorLover.exe // on windows
$ mono ColorLover.exe  // on unix

Build Requirements

The only package required is FSharp.Data. The package should install automatically when you 'restore packages'.


This is the first thing I've written with F# and my first foray into functional programming. I'm sure the code could be made more succinct and improved. As I am learning, I would appreciate any comments or instruction you would like to offer. Simply open an issue on this repo.