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Slack IRC Plugin

IRC integration with slack.


git clone
cd slack-irc-plugin
npm install

Write your own configuration file (config-example.js) is a good starting point for building your own.

var config = {
    // required
    server: '',
    port: 6667,
    secure: false,
    password: '(optional)',
    nick: 'slackbot',
    username: 'slackbot-username',
    channels: {
        '#irc-channel password(optional)': '#slack-channel'
    users: {
        '~irclogin': 'slackuser'
    // optionals
    silent: false // default
    // node-irc options
    floodProtection: true

Save this to a file in the root of the project then run your bot with:

node your-config

This will launch the bot in your terminal based on provided configuration.


  • server: IRC server
  • nick: IRC bot's nickname
  • username: IRC bot's IRC login (no tilde ~)
  • token: Your Slack API token, get your token at
  • channels: Map of IRC channel to Slack channel names, with optional password
  • users: Map of IRC nick to Slack username
  • silent: Set to true to stop IRC bot from speaking into the channel