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port: 443
#Log level 2 to see whats going on
log_level: 2
#This is your Database config:
db_host: 'localhost'
db_user: 'root'
db_pass: 'pass'
db_database: 'siri'
#Programm options
#1. Auto Key Ban -> When a key cannot create more assistants then it is marked as banned,
# and wont be used for creating assistants in apple db. This doesnt imply that the key is banned though :-)
# Just a precation measure
# Default = ON , Recommended='ON'
# Also if this is set to on there is a happy_hour_countdown that when is reached sets the keys unbanned again
# Defalut 6 hours = 21600 sec
happy_hour_countdown: 21600
enable_auto_key_ban: 'ON'
#HOT! THis will force the 4S to regenerate new Validation data every time give Do not use lowe than 15 seconds
#default response from apple is 90000.Change this to what you please! 12 is a good value
regenerate_interval: 90000
#For Generating Certs for iPhones. Has 2 hosts, so that you can use guzzoni on a 4S,
#and your server also using the same instance.
ca_name: 'SiriProxyCA'
server1: ''
server2: ''
#Private or public server. The difference is that public automaticaly sets new clients as valid and private as invalid
# thus denying access
private_server: 'ON'
#For your email configuration. Edit to your email address and set send_email to 'ON'.
#Also plase notice that you have to configure sendmail for you pc if its required
#It is possible that this email will be delivered to your spam/junk folder.
#html formated message is default
send_email: 'OFF'
email_from: ''
email_to: 'youremail'
email_subject: 'A 4S Key Expired'
email_message: '<p>Hello, </br> this is an automated message from The Three Little Pigs SiriProxy.
</br> A 4S key on the database has expired!</p><p>Please do not reply to this message</p>'
# NOTE: run bundle after changing plugin configurations to update required gems
- name: 'Example'
path: './plugins/siriproxy-example'
# - name: 'Thermostat'
# git: 'git://'
# host: ''
# - name: 'Twitter'
# path: './plugins/siriproxy-twitter' # path works just like specifing in gemfile
# consumer_key: "YOUR_KEY"
# consumer_secret: "YOUR_SECRET"
# oauth_token: "YOUR_TOKEN"
# oauth_token_secret: "YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET"
# Note: Eliza should not be run with other plugins
# - name: 'Eliza'
# path: './plugins/siriproxy-eliza' # path works just like specifing in gemfile
# Below are not actual plugins, just further example of config options
# - SimplePlugin # simple syntax for plugins that are in rubygems and have no config
# - name: 'AnotherPlugin'
# git: 'git://' # git works just like specifying in Gemfile
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