iPad3 needs to use iPhone 4S key when using full Siri #323

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Hey folks, found an interesting behavior that I am hoping can be fixed in the Siri Proxy as follows:

If an iPad 3 is used, it's "iPad3" key goes into the DB and can be used by all devices but only for dictation only. So far so good.

If the same iPad 3 is jailbroken and full Siri is installed (like the [Ac!d]iPad port) then the iPad 3 will try to use Siri with it's own "iPad3" key, and since that key does not support full Siri functionality it will fail!

I recommend adding a test to see if an iPad 3 is trying to use full Siri, and if so redirect it to use an existing iPhone 4S key for that purpose, while allowing it to use it's own iPad 3 key for simple keyboard dictation only.

Is that possible?



As what I know, iPad3 keys in iOS5 can be use in iOS6 Siri which is kryten.apple.com (My server is now using iPad3 keys to connect kryten)


Thanks, interesting to know [doratown], however right now iOS 5.1.1 is the current version and anything that works in a beta version of iOS can change at any time before final release.

I believe the current SiriProxy server is using guzzoni and not {kryten.apple.com} but after testing it seems that setting up {kryten.apple.com} as the proxy redirect for iPad3 will work fully native just like an iPhone 4 and without the need for the SiriProxy server!

So I think the best bet is to have Jimmy detect it's an iPad3, save it's key, then send it's request out using {kryten.apple.com} instead of guzzoni. In this way other non-Siri devices can still use the iPad3 key for dictation, while the iPad will connects native using the passthrough SiriProxy server.

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