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Send number of keys available via email #345

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Can we add the number of keys available in the email sent whenever a key expires in the database?


Nope, whats the point? The keys are going to expire every 24 hours anyway.


the point is to let the administrator know instantly how many keys are left in the database instantly via email whenever one expires. makes monitoring easier.


All I got is my iPad 3, and a friend with a 4S that uses siri like twice a week. I just have to remember to use siri on my iPad in the morning, and at night. Then any other times are a bonus. Of course my siri is only used by friends, or peoples phones I personally jailbroke, so the demand isn't that high. My Keys are set to regenerate every hour, so my iPad could make 24 keys in a day, if I use it every hour.


I think you should run a script apart to do this because it is something that you are the only one to have ;)
It will be very simple to make it in bash


Thanks but I figured it out. No extra scripts required. I just modified sendemail() function within the functions.rb
Now it sends an email with the available keys whenever one key expired. Made my life easier.


What did you change in the sendmail() function?


@hackersbox You should add a Pull request to that, and I will add it...

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