Open source platform for drafting modifiable texts
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Open source platform for drafting modifiable texts

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Tech / framework used

The current stack of this project is :

  • Frontend side :

    • ReactJS as a framework for the client interface
    • Bulma CSS as a css framework based on Flexbox
  • Backend side :

    • Node.js for the API server and the application server
    • for the client / server exchanges
    • MongoDB as database

Getting started

These instructions make it possible to create a copy of the project and to be able to execute it locally, for the development but also in production.


To set up the project installation, you must have Node.js installed. To install Node.js, please refer to the Node.js official documentation


The installation of the project requires 2 steps: a configuration of the server and another of the client.

Server configuration

The first step will be to create the MongoDB database. To do so just create a container containing a Mongo image, following the steps below.

cd server/

then creating the Mongo image :

docker-compose build

This 'build' command is only to be done during installation.

and to finish throwing the container :

docker-compose start

The database is accessible at the following address: localhost: 27017 / emendare.

Once the database is in place we will be able to install the dependencies :

npm install

Then start the server either for production :

npm build
npm start

Either for development with these two tasks in parallel :

npm run build:watch
npm run dev

These commands are used to launch the server at the following address : localhost:3030

Client configuration

For the client installation the first step will be to install the dependencies.

cd client/
npm install

To launch the client, two solutions will be possible :

  • in development :
npm run dev
  • in production :
npm build
npm start

The app.js server will allow http redirection to https as well as Gzip compression of the application files.


To contribute to this project please refer to Guide for contributors


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