Disclaimer: I've learned quite a bit since building this. I love MineSweeper, so I decided to make it a fun codepen project. It will be continually updated and I plan on making spinoff versions of the game once the original game is made. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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Overview & Credit

Minus the fact that MineSweeper is a game originating in the 1960's (as my father would say, "Before [I] was even a dirty thought") and the fact that the game itself was made by someone completely different and has evolved without my help, this is an original product. I mean to say, the code itself was not copied from a source and input into this document. This was a learning experience for me, so that would've defeated the purpose if I did that. That said, I believe ideas and inspiration are always worth giving credit to:

• Microsoft - I played this game for hours on Windows 98, so thanks Billy and team for that.

• The people who created the game and catered to its evolution for the past few decades - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minesweeper_(video_game) - thanks a milli.

• Dan Purdy's Simon Says game tutorial was pretty instrumental in giving me the courage to build a JavaScript game on my own. The tutorial can be found on his site - http://www.danpurdy.co.uk/tutorial/simon-says-game-in-jquery-tutorial/ - I recommend you check it out, share it, and give him some accolades for it.

• I found the box shadow effect on Paul Underwood's site - http://www.paulund.co.uk/creating-different-css3-box-shadows-effects - I changed it quite a bit over time I believe, but it's still a great help.

• I can't for the life of me find where I pulled the rainbow css code from. I even googled the code itself and couldn't find it. Nonetheless, it was a great help. You can find multiple resources on linear gradients and color stops by googling just that or rainbow css (or by looking at the appropriate css fill/script tag within this repo).



** Bugs:

** Future Implementation

CSS: • Create Explosion animation for each block • Create Explosion animation for entire board when bomb is clicked.

JS: • Open connecting 0 blocks after each click.

** Layout of game object:

mineSweeper = { bombs: { flagged: BOOLEAN }, nonBombs: { touchingBombs: #, active: BOOLEAN, flagged: BOOLEAN }, flagMode: BOOLEAN, bombsLeft: #, topLeft: -9, topBlock: -8, topRight: -7, leftBlock: -1, rightBlock: 1, bottomLeft: 7, bottomBlock: 8, bottomRight: 9, newGame: FUNCTION, randomizeBombs: FUNCTION, dropBombs: FUNCTION, populateNonBombs: FUNCTION, placeNonBombs: FUNCTION, isItABomb: FUNCTION, checkBlock: FUNCTION, click: FUNCTION, switchToFlagMode: FUNCTION, flagBlock: FUNCTION, displayNumberOfBombsLeft: FUNCTION, didYouWin: FUNCTION }

Scratch Pad

To make a bomb explode, i could add 9 figures within each block div. each figure has a different color of the rainbow and when the div is clicked, the figures disperse off the side of the screen, and the div is left with a white background.