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1.1.1 released 2008-11-13

  • Removed ActiveRecord dependency.

  • Removed loading shoulda macros by default, moved to shoulda_macros dir.

  • Modified how params access works. Added in single_access_token_field which params now uses. See the single access section in the README. Various configuration options added as well.

  • Cleaned up acts_as_authentic configuration, added new config module to do this.

  • Cleaned up acts_as_authentic tests

  • Moved acts_as_authentic sub modules into the proper name spaces

1.1.0 released 2008-11-13

  • Moved Rack standards into abstract_adapter for the controllers.

  • Added authenticating_with_credentials?, authenticating_with_unauthorized_record?

  • Fixed typo in abstract_adapter, black to block.

  • Cleaned up / reorganized tests.

  • Moved ActiveRecord additions to ORM Adapters name space to make way for Data Mapper.

  • Reorganized and modified acts_as_authentic to be free standing and not get info from the related session.

  • The session now gets its configuration from the model, since determining which fields are present is ORM specific.

  • Extracted session and cookie logic into their own modules for Session.

  • Moved crypto providers into their own module and added a Sha1 provider to help with the restful_authentication transition.

  • Allow the unique_token method to use the alternate crypto_provider if it is a hash algorithm, otherwise default to Sha512.

  • Added last_request_at_threshold configuration option.

  • Changed Scoped class to AuthenticatesManyAssociation, like AR has HasManyAssociation, etc.

  • Added should_be_authentic shoulda macro.

  • Removed some magic from how sessions are initialized. See the initialize documentation, this method is a little more structured now, which was required for adding in openid.

  • Added in logging via a params token, which is friendly for feed URLs. Works just like cookies and sessions when persisting the session.

  • Added the option to use session.user, instead of session.record. This is based off of what model your session is authenticating with.

1.0.0 released 2008-11-05

  • Checked for blank login counts, if a default wasnt set in the migrations.

  • Added check for database table in acts_as_authentic to avoid errors in initial setup.

  • Completely rewrote tests to be more conventional and thorough tests, removed test_app.

  • Modified how validations work so that a validate method was added as well as callbacks for that method.

  • Extracted scope support into its own module to help organize code better.

  • Added in salt for encryption, just like hashes and removed :crypto_provider_type option for acts_as_authentic.

  • Added merb adapters.

  • Improved documentation throughout.

0.10.4 released 2008-10-31

  • Changed configuration to use inheritable attributes

  • Cleaned up requires to be in their proper files

  • Added in scope support.

0.10.3 released 2008-10-31

  • Instead of raising an error when extra fields are passed in credentials=, just ignore them.

  • Added remember_me config option to set the default value.

  • Only call credential methods if an argument was passed.

  • More unit tests

  • Hardened automatic session updating. Also automatically log the user in if they change their password when logged out.

0.10.2 released 2008-10-24

  • Added in stretches to the default Sha512 encryption algorithm.

  • Use column_names instead of columns when determining if a column is present.

  • Improved validation callbacks. after_validation should only be run if valid? = true. Also clear errors before the “before_validation” callback.

0.10.1 released 2008-10-24

  • Sessions now store the “remember token” instead of the id. This is much safer and guarantees all “sessions” that are logged in are logged in with a valid password. This way stale sessions can't be persisted.

  • Bumped security to Sha512 from Sha256.

  • Remove attr_protected call in acts_as_authentic

  • protected_password should use pasword_field configuration value

  • changed magic state “inactive” to “active”

0.10.0 released 2008-10-24

  • Do not allow instantiation if the session has not been activated with a controller object. Just like ActiveRecord won't let you do anything without a DB connection.

  • Abstracted controller implementation to allow for rails, merb, etc adapters. So this is not confined to the rails framework.

  • Removed create and update methods and added save, like ActiveRecord.

  • after_validation should be able to change the result if it adds errors on callbacks.

  • Completed tests.

0.9.1 released 2008-10-24

  • Changed scope to id. Makes more sense to call it an id and fits better with the ActiveRecord model.

  • Removed saving_from_session flag, apparently it is not needed.

  • Fixed updating sessions to make more sense and be stricter.

  • change last_click_at to last_request_at

  • Only run “after” callbacks if the result is successful.

0.9.0 released 2008-10-24

  • Initial release.

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