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My testing on ActiveMQ-Artemis with load balanced config and SSL
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This is my testing note on Artemis

  1. Create 2 brokers with port offset artemis create mybroker1 --port-offset 0 artemis create mybroker2 --port-offset 0

  2. Testing the producer and consumer ./artemis producer --url tcp://localhost:61616 ./artemis consumer --url tcp://localhost:61616

  3. Enabled clustered See jgroup.xml and broker.xml <broadcast-groups>, <discovery-groups> and <cluster-connections>

  4. Load balancing See broker.xml, Add <redistribution-delay> in <address-setting>

  5. Enable SSL for HornetQ OpenWire protocol a. Provide keystore.jks and truststore.jks b. Config the acceptor in broker.xml

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