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Random hockey player generator, selects a random player from a given team
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Single page Vanilla JS application that utilizes the NHL REST API to get the latest rosters for the hockey teams, then chooses a random player for the selected team.

What's the point of this?

I wanted to play a hockey-related drinking game where people were assigned random players and if they scored, assisted or let a goal in then they would drink. Perhaps someone else will find some use for it, we found it fun :)

Built with

  • Vanilla JS
  • Fetch API with chained promises
  • NHL Rest API

How it works

Fetch requests to the NHL API to get roster information. Get the length of the team and pick a random player in the team until all players are chosen.


  • Players are not duplicated
  • DOM Message notifying when player has picked all players on team


NHL API unofficial documentation

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