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$:.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__)
require 'rubygems'
require 'ruby-fs-stack'
require 'authenticate'
require 'logger'
FamilyTreeV2 = Org::Familysearch::Ws::Familytree::V2::Schema
pedigree = Marshal.load('pedigree_marshalled.txt'))
full_pedigree =
com = :domain => '', :handle_throttling => true
if authenticate_me(com)
com.logger = STDOUT
persons = com.familytree_v2.person pedigree.person_ids, :parents => 'summary'
persons.each do |person|
full_pedigree << person
end'full_pedigree_marshalled.txt','w') do |f|
f.print Marshal.dump(full_pedigree)
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