A blogging platform built on top of Dat, Beaker Browser, Netlify CMS and Hugo
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"Pipette" is a blogging platform built on top of Dat, Beaker Browser, Netlify CMS and Hugo.


npm install -g pipette-hugo-worker

Requires systemd-nspawn and fuse installed on Linux.

(Detailed install instructions coming soon)

Development Blog

Pipette is under active development. Please follow the blog here:

Introduction to the project:


Note: For now, Pipette needs to run as the root user as it needs to create a virtual machine using systemd-nspawn.

# pipette-hugo-worker dat://d6185c1680001cd2260a0f31bfb209edbf97551774dc6175c110019d9020199d/

Replace the dat:// url with the address of a Dat archive containing the blog contents and configuration. (see below)

This command will create a 'hugo-worker' subdirectory beneath the current directory. It will then download and spawn a lightweight virtual machine which will subscribe to the specified Dat archive, and then run the Hugo static site generator every time you create, edit or delete a blog post.

It will automatically create and share a new Dat archive containing the files for the generated static site. Look at the logs for a line that says Static site url: dat://... for the address.

Once you have the address, one thing you might want to do is to register it with Hashbase to get another peer and to automatically publish it to the conventional web via HTTPS.

Creating your own source Dat archive

To create a new source archive, you can use Beaker Browser to fork the source "CMS" (Content Management System) for the development blog:

  • dat://d6185c1680001cd2260a0f31bfb209edbf97551774dc6175c110019d9020199d/

Once you have forked it, you can erase the content and change the blog title and description in the Settings menu.


The starting point for this code was: https://github.com/mafintosh/dat-container