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A hypercored instance that will subscribe to a dat file with a bunch of feeds to sync
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Forked from hypercored

Basically the same thing, but you can set FEED_KEY in your environment (or in a .env file) for a dat archive that contains a simple feeds file with a list of feeds (same as hypercored).

Updating the feeds file in the archive will automatically cause any subscribed-hypercored instance that is following it to sync the new archives. So you can easily control a fleet of hypercored servers to back up all the dat archives you want!

Animated demo


via npm:

npm install -g subscribed-hypercored

No npm? Download the binary:

wget -qO- | bash

If you are unable to use npm, use the binary distribution. The binary includes a copy of node and subscribed-hypercored packaged inside a single file, so you just have to download one file, with no other dependencies needed on your system.


Set up a .env:

FEED_KEY=<dat hex key>

Run it:

Usage: subscribed-hypercored [key?] [options]

    --cwd         [folder to run in]
    --websockets  [share over websockets as well]
    --port        [explicit websocket port]
    --no-swarm    [disable swarming]

For more info on how to run hypercored:



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