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@jimradford jimradford released this Oct 3, 2018

  • Fixes several bugs and feature updates since See for all 79 commits
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@jimradford jimradford released this Oct 26, 2015

  • Fixes Issue #528 mintty (2.1.4) exiting and throwing exception due to default behavior change in mintty daemonize option.
  • Fixes Issue #546 Option Added to override and allow -pw command line option to be sent. Defaults to not allow the -pw option.
  • Updated Readme file to promote our Facebook page
  • Resolves Issue #423 Support added to define shortcut key that will allow rename tab.
  • Issue #530 Adds support to persist Command Bar History between sessions
    • Uses SortableBindingList class as datasource for Command Bar History
    • Adds new settings in Options for enabling (default) command bar history and for setting aging (default 7 days) of history to persist
  • Fixes issue #491 Commands now sent to all sessions that are selected.
    • Some code cleanup
  • Issue #558 Adds support to execute SPSL scripts when a session is launched, or restored from auto layout
    • Better handling when a new session process is unable to start due to command line arguments or other reasons causing process to not start. should fix unhandled exception in Issue #528
  • Adds new SPSL Scripting Engine as documented in Issue #558
  • Fixes Issue #551 pscp command line arguments now properly encapsulated in quotation marks to deal with spaces in folder names
  • Fixes issue #557 and adds better error checking to application update checker Fixes Issue #556 check for null object when remote directory is not found due to configuration path error
  • Add better handling for update checker, possibly Fixes issue #557
  • Merge pull request #552 from spokorski/master
    • pressing shift-enter in the command sender will suppress the trailing enter key in the
    • commands actually sent to the putty sessions. pressing enter by itself will still function as
    • normal.
  • Merge pull request #553 from simono74/master
    • Implements Session Detail Window for a quick view of session properties
  • Merge pull request #548 from simono74/master
    • Fix the way the keys are handled in the open session window
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@jimradford jimradford released this Sep 25, 2015

  • Fixes Issue #379 NullReferenceException being thrown on First Run
  • Fixes Issue #440 Fixes Issue #553 usernames with . or - in them were failing the regular expression parser. [[:graph]] does not appear to be supported by the .NET regular expression library.
  • Add back debug log statement left out of last commit.
  • Fixes Issue #272 New Feature: Multiline Script Editor/Sender (New icon added to the command bar)
  • Added "Diagnostics" Tab to about dialog which provides application version and loaded DLL verion/names to aid in assiting users obtain information for error reporting
  • Removed old Visual Studio based installer project file
  • Changed default to enable check for updates automatically when application starts (can still be turned off in options)
  • Updated Docking Library to, Moved dll to common location
  • Merge pull request #537 from mdorenkamp/master
  • Fixes Nullreference exception when running LocalListFiles unit test
  • Fixes Issue #533 parser properly allows for '.' character in usernames or groupnames
  • Fixes Issue #541 Adds support for a Wix based installer
    Adds License in .rtf format (for installer)
    Removed legacy SuperPutty Setup from solution file
  • Adds GlobalWindowEvents to Project file, Merge pull request #538 from joeyhub/master Improved desktop UI performance
  • Merge pull request #524 from jbondhus/master Searching is more robust and uses glob style
  • Merge pull request #529 from kswmsw/download-instructions-522 Link to download and docs from README.
  • Merge pull request #525 from bewaapps/master In Release mode ( doesn't work single instance option
  • Fixed issue #517 About Box now referenced new Github Project
  • Fixes Issue #490 pressing in the command toolbar now sends a carriage return to sessions.
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@jimradford jimradford released this May 10, 2015

  • Moved Project from Google Code to Github
  • 510: Fixed issue #530 Home directory prefix is now a configurable option
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@jimradford jimradford released this May 9, 2015

Migrated from old Google Code Project

  • 316: Add a caption when hovering over a session menu element showing the URL (in tree and new session menu)
  • 386: Made several dialogs fixed (non-sizeable) (Fixes Issue 222)
  • 385: Updated About Box with new icon courtesy of strugarevic (Resolves issue #160)
  • 384: Fixed Issue 345: Wrong tooltip on Options/GUI -> "Tabs and Docking" checkboxes
  • 383: Fixed Issue 428: Typing a square bracket in search box results in error
  • 382: Fixed Issue 354: popup descriptions incorrect.
  • 381: Fixed Issue when connecting with pscp to transfer files where password request was not being recognized (it appears the format has changed from prior versions of pscp).
  • 380: Fixed Issue #431 Fix exception thrown when right clicking in LayoutsList outside of a valid session name
  • 376: update w/issue 316
  • 375: Helper to clean up unattached putty/pscp/bash/cthelper procs
  • 374: Ensure you can't delete/rename AutoRestore layout
  • 373: Forcing toolbar locations
  • 372: Added Pscp Related issues
  • 371: 316: Add a caption when hovering over a session menu element showing the URL (Add caption on menu and session tree)
  • 369: hide "remember be" checkbox (unused)
  • 368: Fix div by zero error
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Jun 19, 2014
Jun 16, 2012
hopefully, final build of 1.2
Apr 21, 2012
tagging release candidate