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The Riak Wiki

This repo holds all the content (and other bits) for the most-excellent Riak wiki, located at

We are using Gollum and Gollum-Site to generate the wiki. Gollum is a great piece of open source software released by the GitHub team that lets you maintain and build wikis from the contents of a Git repo.

gollum-site generates html from pages written in any format supported by Gollum (ASCIIDoc, Creole, Markdown, Textile, etc.).

## How to Contribute

Part of the reason we switched to Gollum and GitHub for the Riak Wiki was to make it easier for people to contribute. So, treat this repo much like you would a code repo: If you have a change (be a minor edit or an entirely new page full of Python client code snippets), simply:

  1. Fork this repo

  2. Build a local copy

  3. Create a new Branch:

     git checkout -b <branch-name>
  4. Add your changes

  5. Run the specs and fix any formatting issues

     rake spec
  6. Commit changes to your branch

  7. Send us a pull request

If it's a small or obvious change, we're likely to merge it right away. If we have questions, we'll communicate with you using the pull request's issue page.

The Gollum README provides a great introduction to using the wiki system.

Anyone can contribute to the Riak Wiki via the process outlined above. That said, there is a group of non-Basho developers who have commit access to this repo and can edit it directly. We call them Community Wiki Committers. See this page if you're interested in becoming one.

## Building the Wiki Locally

If you want to build and view the Riak Wiki locally, here is what you need to do:

  1. Clone this repo:

     git clone git://
  2. Ensure that you have Bundler installed:

     gem install bundler
  3. Install all pre-requisite gems:

     bundle install
  4. Install gollum-site:

      gem install gollum-site
  5. Make changes to the site and commit them locally.

  6. Generate the site and start a local server (This will take a minute. Don't fret.)

     gollum-site generate        # Will generate the files
     gollum-site serve           # Will start the gollum-site server
     gollum-site serve --watch   # Will start the gollum-site server and will regenerate the site
                                 # when changes are made
  7. Navigate to http://localhost:8000/ (Default) to access a fully-functional copy of the Riak Wiki.


After adding new content or updating existing content in the wiki repo, it then needs to be pushed live to We do this using a post-receive hook (written by Basho's Dan Reverri) and the "publish" branch. Here's the process to update the live site. (Only people who have commit access to this repo will be able to do this.)

  1. Make sure lastest changes are merged or committed to master branch

  2. Checkout "publish" branch

    git checkout publish

  3. Merge changes from master into publish

    git merge master

  4. Push changes back to publish branch

    git push origin publish

After you merge your changes into publish and push them back to the repo, the post-receive hook will fire and should be updated within several minutes.

## Issues, Questions, Comments, Etc.


Includes icons from famfamfam.


The Riak Wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.