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OSX Window Sizing

OSX Window Sizing is a set of apps that makes it dead-simple to change the size of your windows.

This Topfunky fork includes several extra scripts to resize specific apps to certain places on the screen. I have them bound to ctrl-shift-[1,2,3,4,5] for easy access. Use them as a starting point for your own window management.


Maximize will maximize your windows to full-screen. It will take drawers into consideration as well, so applications like TextMate will truly fill the screen. This works even in applications with Zoom buttons that don't truly maximize (like Safari).


Center will ask you for a pixel size (e.g. "1024x768") and resize your application window to that size. It will then center the application on the screen. It defaults to 800x600.


Install the scripts by typing rake install in this directory. This will compile the applescripts into .scpt files and copy them into your ~/Library/Scripts folder.


To compile and run all scripts to ~/Library/Scripts, run

rake install

It is recommended that you bind the scripts to shortcut keys in the system. I personally use ctrl-shift-M for maximize and ctrl-shift-C for center.

Running rake install_fastscripts will download a free app called FastScripts Lite, mount it, and open the mounted folder so you can complete the installation. This will provide a menu-bar replacement for the Scripts menubar that will allow you to attach keys to any script.

OSX Window Sizing will only work if the window in question is the front-most window (future versions might provide support for choosing the window or windows you wish to resize).