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@@ -84,6 +84,21 @@ To make a call to the API, call the `mandrill` function. For example:
- [request]( 2.9.100+
- [underscore]( 1.3.3+
+## Running Tests
+Tests are written using [Jasmine](, using
+the [jasmine-node]( binaries. You'll
+need to install jasmine-node to run the tests.
+Once jasmine is installed, you will need to edit the `spec/mandrill.spec.js`
+file to reflect your Mandrill API key, and an email address to receive your
+test e-mail on. These two settings are at the top of the file. Once they're
+in place, run your tests by doing:
+ $ ./
+On your command line. If you're running windows, well, sorry. ):
## Question? Problems?
If you run into problems, have questions, or whatever else you can open an

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