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import argparse
import urllib2
import json
from urllib import urlencode
from datetime import date
def dbpedia(query, binding=None):
'''Query the DBpedia SPARQL endpoint'''
data = urlencode({'format': 'application/sparql-results+json', 'query': query})
result = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen('', data).read())\
if binding is not None:
result = [value[binding]['value'] for value in result]
return result
# Get the birth date from the command line arguments.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
args = parser.parse_args()
birth_date = date(*map(int, args.d.split('-')))
# Select all people whose death date is identical to the provided birth date,
# ordered by the birth date.
query = '''
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
SELECT ?person ?birth_date ?label
?person a foaf:Person ;
dbpedia-owl:deathDate ?death_date .
OPTIONAL {{ ?person rdfs:label ?label }}
OPTIONAL {{ ?person dbpedia-owl:birthDate ?birth_date }}
FILTER regex( ?death_date, '^{0}' )
FILTER langMatches( lang(?label), "EN" )
ORDER BY ?birth_date'''.format(birth_date)
for p in dbpedia(query):
person = {'uri': p['person']['value'],
'birth_date': date(*map(int, p['birth_date']['value'].split('-')))}
query = '''
PREFIX foaf: <>
SELECT ?name
<{0}> foaf:name ?name .
for name in dbpedia(query, 'name'):
print name
print u'{birth_date} <{uri}>'.format(**person)