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1.4.18 implemented special character handling and support of ZFS resume/receive tokens by default in syncoid,
thank you @phreaker0!
1.4.17 changed die to warn when unexpectedly unable to remove a snapshot - this
allows sanoid to continue taking/removing other snapshots not affected by
whatever lock prevented the first from being taken or removed
1.4.16 merged @hrast01's extended fix to support -o option1=val,option2=val passthrough to SSH. merged @JakobR's
off-by-one fix to stop unnecessary extra snapshots being taken under certain conditions. merged @stardude900's
update to INSTALL for FreeBSD users re:symlinks. Implemented @LordAro's update to change DIE to WARN when
encountering a dataset with no snapshots and --no-sync-snap set during recursive replication. Implemented
@LordAro's update to sanoid.conf to add an ignore template which does not snap, prune, or monitor.
1.4.15 merged @hrast01's -o option to pass ssh CLI options through. Currently only supports a single -o=option argument -
in the near future, need to add some simple parsing to expand -o=option1,option2 on the CLI to
-o option1 -o option2 as passed to SSH.
1.4.14 fixed significant regression in syncoid - now pulls creation AND guid on each snap; sorts by
creation and matches by guid. regression reported in #112 by @da-me, thank you!
1.4.13 Syncoid will now continue trying to replicate other child datasets after one dataset fails replication
when called recursively. Eg syncoid -r source/parent target/parent when source/parent/child1 has been
deleted and replaced with an imposter will no longer prevent source/parent/child2 from successfully
replicating to target/parent/child2. This could still use some cleanup TBH; syncoid SHOULD exit 3
if any of these errors happen (to assist detection of errors in scripting) but now would exit 0.
1.4.12 Sanoid now strips trailing whitespace in template definitions in sanoid.conf, per Github #61
1.4.11 enhanced Syncoid to use zfs `guid` property rather than `creation` property to ensure snapshots on source
and target actually match. This immediately prevents conflicts due to timezone differences on source and target,
and also paves the way in the future for Syncoid to find matching snapshots even after `zfs rename` on source
or target. Thank you Github user @mailinglists35 for the idea!
1.4.10 added --compress=pigz-fast and --compress=pigz-slow. On a Xeon E3-1231v3, pigz-fast is equivalent compression
to --compress=gzip but with compressed throughput of 75.2 MiB/s instead of 18.1 MiB/s. pigz-slow is around 5%
better compression than compress=gzip with roughly equivalent compressed throughput. Note that pigz-fast produces
a whopping 20+% better compression on the test data (a linux boot drive) than lzop does, while still being fast
enough to saturate or nearly saturate a real-world gigabit LAN link. The down side: pigz chews through 100% util
of all available system threads, if not bottlenecked by the network link speed.
Default compression remains lzop for SSH transport, with compression automatically set to none if there's no transport
(ie syncoid replication from dataset to dataset on the local machine only).
1.4.9 added -c option to manually specify the SSH cipher used. Must use a cipher supported by both source and target! Thanks
Tamas Papp.
1.4.8 added --no-stream argument to syncoid: allows use of -i incrementals (do not replicate a full snapshot stream, only a
direct incremental update from oldest to most recent snapshot) instead of the normal -I incrementals which include
all intermediate snapshots.
added --no-sync-snap, which has syncoid replicate using only the newest PRE-EXISTING snapshot on source,
instead of default behavior in which syncoid creates a new, ephemeral syncoid snapshot.
1.4.7a (syncoid only) added standard invocation output when called without source or target
as per @rriley and @fajarnugraha suggestions
1.4.7 reverted Perl shebangs to #!/usr/bin/perl - sorry FreeBSD folks, shebanged to /usr/bin/env perl bare calls to syncoid
or sanoid (without explicit calls to Perl) don't work on EITHER of our systems. I'm not OK with that, this is going to be
an OS localization issue that can either be addressed with BSD-specific packaging, or you can individually address it
by editing the shebangs on your own systems OR by doing a one-time ln -s /usr/local/bin/perl to /usr/bin/perl, which will
fix the issue for this particular script AND all other Perl scripts developed on non-BSD systems.
also temporarily dyked out the set readonly functionality in syncoid - it was causing more problems than it prevented, and
using the -F argument with receive prevents incautious writes (including just cd'ing into mounted datasets, if atimes are on)
from interrupting syncoid runs anyway.
1.4.6c merged @gusson's pull request to add -sshport argument
1.4.6b updated default cipherlist for syncoid to,arcfour - arcfour isn't supported on
newer SSH (in Ubuntu Xenial and FreeBSD), chacha20 isn't supported on
some older SSH versions (Ubuntu Precise< I think?)
1.4.6a due to bug in ZFS on Linux which frequently causes errors to return from `zfs set readonly`,
changed ==0 or die in setzfsvalue() to ==0 or [complain] - it's not worth causing replication
to fail while this ZFS on Linux bug exists.
1.4.6 added a mollyguard to syncoid to help newbies who try to zfs create a new target dataset
before doing an initial replication, instead of letting the replication itself create
the target.
added "==0 or die" to all system() calls in sanoid and syncoid that didn't already have them.
1.4.5 altered shebang to '#!/usr/bin/env perl' for enhanced FreeBSD compatibility
1.4.4 merged pull requests from jjlawren for OmniOS compatibility, added --configdir=/path/to/configs CLI option to sanoid at jjlawrens' request presumably for same
1.4.3 added SSH persistence to syncoid - using socket speeds up SSH overhead 300%! =)
one extra commit to get rid of the "Exit request sent." SSH noise at the end.
1.4.2 removed -r flag for zfs destroy of pruned snapshots in sanoid, which unintentionally caused same-name
child snapshots to be deleted - thank you Lenz Weber!
1.4.1 updated check_zpool() in sanoid to parse zpool list properly both pre- and post- ZoL v0.6.4
1.4.0 added findoid tool - find and list all versions of a given file in all available ZFS snapshots.
use: findoid /path/to/file
1.3.1 whoops - prevent process_children_only from getting set from blank value in defaults
1.3.0 changed monitor_children_only to process_children_only. which keeps sanoid from messing around with
empty parent datasets at all. also more thoroughly documented features in default config files.
1.2.0 added monitor_children_only parameter to sanoid.conf for use with recursive definitions - in cases where container dataset is kept empty
1.1.0 woooo - working recursive definitions in Sanoid! Also intelligent config errors in Sanoid; will die with errors if unknown config value is set.
1.0.20 greatly cleaned up config parsing in sanoid, got rid of 'hardcoded defaults' in favor of /etc/sanoid/sanoid.defaults.conf
1.0.19 working recursive sync (sync specified dataset and all child datasets, ie pool/ds, pool/ds/1, pool, ds/1/a, pool/ds/2 ...) with --recursive or -r in syncoid!
1.0.18 updated syncoid to break sync out of main routine and into syncdataset(). this will allow doing recursive sync, in next update :)
1.0.17 updated syncoid to use sudo when necessary if it isn't already root - working user needs NOPASSWD for /sbin/zfs in /etc/sudoers
updated syncoid to throw errors on unknown arguments
1.0.16 updated sanoid to use VASTLY improved CLI argument parsing, throw errors on unknown arguments, etc
1.0.15 updated syncoid to accept compression engine flags - --compress=lzo|gzip|none
1.0.14 updated syncoid to reduce output when fetching snapshot list - thank you github user @0xFate.
1.0.13 removed monitor_version again - sorry for the feature instability, forgot I removed it in the first place because I didn't like pulling
in so many dependencies for such a trivial feature
1.0.12 patched default sanoid.conf provided to set yearly_mon and yearly_mday correctly
1.0.11 patched bug in yearly snapshots - thank you @stevenolen for the bug report!
1.0.10 added --monitor-version to check installed version against current version in trunk on GitHub
1.0.9 added CR/LF after --monitor-health message output to make CLI usage cleaner looking
1.0.8 added --version checking in sanoid and syncoid
1.0.7 got rid of unnecessary sudo commands in sanoid's --monitor-health
1.0.6 added 'or die' to make sure /var/cache/sanoidsnapshots.txt is writeable
1.0.5 fixed another ps BSD-ism bug in sanoid
1.0.4 updated ps usage in sanoid to comply with BSDisms
1.0.3 nerfed references to $debug (not implemented yet) in sanoid
1.0.2 implemented iszfsbusy check to the thinning routine in sanoid
1.0.1 ported slightly modified iszfsbusy sub from syncoid to sanoid (to keep from thinning snapshots during replications)
1.0.0 initial commit to Github