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Syncoid depends on ssh, pv, gzip, lzop, and mbuffer. It can run with reduced
functionality in the absence of any or all of the above. SSH is only required
for remote synchronization. Arcfour crypto is the default for SSH transport,
and currently (v1.4.5) syncoid runs will fail if arcfour is not available
on either end of the transport.
On Ubuntu: apt install pv lzop mbuffer
On FreeBSD: pkg install pv lzop
FreeBSD notes: mbuffer is not currently recommended due to oddities in
FreeBSD's local implementation. Internal network buffering
capability is on the roadmap soon to remove mbuffer dependency
anyway. FreeBSD places pv and lzop in /usr/local/bin instead
of /usr/bin ; syncoid currently does not check path.
Simplest path workaround is symlinks, eg:
root@bsd:~# ln -s /usr/bin/lzop /usr/local/bin/lzop
Sanoid depends on the Perl module Config::IniFiles and will not operate
without it. Config::IniFiles may be installed from CPAN, though the project
strongly recommends using your distribution's repositories instead.
On Ubuntu: apt install libconfig-inifiles-perl
On FreeBSD: pkg install p5-Config-Inifiles