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Update to v2.0.2.

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fryfrog committed Sep 20, 2019
1 parent a90eec3 commit 056193ec040fad2ceb48f579d8f8f65336d38150
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@@ -1,3 +1,84 @@
9791094 some FreeBSD related fixes
56f97b5 capture the stderr of zfs send command in the case of a resumed replication where the send size can't be estimated (in which case pv is not working anyway, so we can break the interactivitiy)
22fe41c redirect zfs receive error to stdout and only capture stdout for parsing of error codes, this way stderr is left alone and pv can work interactively
5d7ee40 fix centos package name
83c5e2c added new dependency to all packages and install instructions
0537de5 test case for reseting the resume state if it's invalid
6eb1be3 handle resume states where the source snapshot was already deleted
16fceba moved common used variables to top of function
0ef2bd2 added test to verify the last changes to handle partially received replication streams
1046f7f use capture::tiny for teeing commands
eef598c Update rules
67ff4fe Update
522bdec fixed ordering of snapshots with the same creation timestamp
ce93d89 Declare that sanoid service 'Wants' sanoid-prune

ea90108 revert -r in zfs get (not needed here)
8d8df7e Add -r to zfs get -t snap for zfs 8.1
607aad0 Add -r to zfs get -Hpt snap for zfs 8.1
faf268b Added line to enable sanoid-prune.service
1900eca added verbose cmd line flags for journald logging
90b8c92 sanoid-prune.service is indeed referenced and run after the sanoid.service
17e15c2 Fix systemd service definitions.
68cc59a Update
56d7c59 clarify --bwlimit units
681aa61 clarify bandwidth limit units
ffa6ad3 Fix gentoo package snafu - need a sanoid directory to store the files
df1e344 Fix gentoo package snafu - need a sanoid directory to store the files
cf496dc Changed (and simplified) DST handling (see here:
736d031 initial replication without intermediate snapshots should use the created sync snapshot
e0e7b0d added bwlimit units
a97da7d Added bwlimit units
e014fd7 check if ssh connection works
eefc659 update the install instruction with recent changes
25c5e2e allow new zfs send/recv hold parameter (introduced in recent master) and drop invalid raw parameter for send size estimation for resumeable send
c543f9a use ordinary replication if clone recreation fails
d3f19c8 Sanoid ebuild for Gentoo
a748b41 if bookmark creation fails use guid bases suffix based fallback name
99b439e return if there is nothing to do
5812b57 check for invalid send/receive option syntax
10b2012 removed debug output
7d522fa fix unitialized variable
1053e93 missed sudo command for bookmark creation if source host is remote
f0fec53 fix root pool parsing for remote hosts
c5eebbe implemented parsing of provided zfs send/recv options and whitelisting for each use case as needed
5107380 codestyle
d68d7b4 implemented creation of zfs bookmarks
7141eab fix bookmark edge case where replication was already done to the latest snapshot (+ test)
ea9e989 only list filesystems and volumes
132c765 error out if no datasets are processed with recursive arg
85561dd handle the case of mistyped dataset name nicely
c12b6d7 check pool capability for resumeable replication instead of checking for support in the zfs module
7ef435c add "hotspare" template (for local, hourly replication targets)
c3e20fd FreeBSD sed needs a different syntax
ea482ce make tests work on FreeBSD
ab12540 added message if zfs recursion is used and fixed ordinary recursion in combination with zfs recursion
0fc16b4 fixed uninitialzed variable warning and clarified recursive value
271ede7 Revert "Revert "Zfs Recursion""
e4e9065 removed debug output from excludes loop
50a2374 Revert "Zfs Recursion"
165faee remove spurious line break from HTML
f941d7f fix for #316 - CRITICAL ERROR: bookmarks couldn't be listed for <volume>
bd4eb49 Added in --sendoptions=OPTIONS and --recvoptions=OPTIONS to inject OPTIONS enabling things like syncoid --sendoptions=-Lcep and syncoid --recvoptions="-x property"
ca76f42 syncoid: add '--mbuffer-size' option
c35c953 remove redundant loop
f8e0e00 preserve taking snapshots order always from yearly to frequently
7cf64be pre/post snapshot script calls should be also dumped in --readonly mode
4daafca prevent problems with shell expansion and codestyle
1605a60 CLIMATE-1151: added config option to use zfs recursion
8d88c47 improved documentation on --no-command-checks
ac80a75 made time units case insensitive and removed monthlies
cfab4ea added/fixed documentation
89f1d4e run compress commands bare too
941a770 updated comment regarding command existence check
be50481 use more portable/POSIX compatible ways to check for command existence
9b2c2f2 don't use hardcoded paths
abf3d45 check for partial resume state for non resume style transfers, if so reset state and retry
0f669a3 Cleaned up Configuration section to match the rest of the document
429da3a Add comprehensive installation instructions

2.0.0 [overall] documentation updates, small fixes, more warnings (@sparky3387, @ljwobker, @phreaker0)
[syncoid] added force delete flag (@phreaker0)
[sanoid] removed sleeping between snapshot taking (@phreaker0)
@@ -1 +1 @@
2 sanoid
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
# from on 2014-11-17. A copy should also be available in this
# project's Git repository at

$::VERSION = '2.0.1';
$::VERSION = '2.0.2';

use strict;

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