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+Syncoid depends on ssh, pv, gzip, lzop, and mbuffer. It can run with reduced
+functionality in the absence of any or all of the above. SSH is only required
+for remote synchronization. Arcfour crypto is the default for SSH transport,
+and currently (v1.4.5) syncoid runs will fail if arcfour is not available
+on either end of the transport.
+On Ubuntu: apt install pv lzop mbuffer
+On FreeBSD: pkg install pv lzop
+FreeBSD notes: mbuffer is not currently recommended due to oddities in
+ FreeBSD's local implementation. Internal network buffering
+ capability is on the roadmap soon to remove mbuffer dependency
+ anyway. FreeBSD places pv and lzop in /usr/local/bin instead
+ of /usr/bin ; syncoid currently does not check path.
+ Simplest path workaround is symlinks, eg:
+ root@bsd:~# ln -s /usr/bin/lzop /usr/local/bin/lzop
+Sanoid depends on the Perl module Config::IniFiles and will not operate
+without it. Config::IniFiles may be installed from CPAN, though the project
+strongly recommends using your distribution's repositories instead.
+On Ubuntu: apt install libconfig-inifiles-perl
+On FreeBSD: pkg install p5-Config-Inifiles

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