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Merge pull request #342 from phreaker0/create-bookmark

implemented creation of zfs bookmarks
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jimsalterjrs committed Mar 29, 2019
2 parents 1219818 + a748b41 commit e376eadc978b01212e9c7e01ab8910cb790c04f1
Showing with 37 additions and 1 deletion.
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  2. +33 −1 syncoid
@@ -202,6 +202,10 @@ As of 1.4.18, syncoid also automatically supports and enables resume of interrup
This argument tells syncoid to restrict itself to existing snapshots, instead of creating a semi-ephemeral syncoid snapshot at execution time. Especially useful in multi-target (A->B, A->C) replication schemes, where you might otherwise accumulate a large number of foreign syncoid snapshots.
+ --create-bookmark
This argument tells syncoid to create a zfs bookmark for the newest snapshot after it got replicated successfully. The bookmark name will be equal to the snapshot name. Only works in combination with the --no-sync-snap option. This can be very useful for irregular replication where the last matching snapshot on the source was already deleted but the bookmark remains so a replication is still possible.
+ --no-clone-rollback
Do not rollback clones on target
34 syncoid
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ GetOptions(\%args, "no-command-checks", "monitor-version", "compress=s", "dumpsn
"source-bwlimit=s", "target-bwlimit=s", "sshkey=s", "sshport=i", "sshcipher|c=s", "sshoption|o=s@",
"debug", "quiet", "no-stream", "no-sync-snap", "no-resume", "exclude=s@", "skip-parent", "identifier=s",
"no-clone-handling", "no-privilege-elevation", "force-delete", "no-clone-rollback", "no-rollback",
"mbuffer-size=s" => \$mbuffer_size) or pod2usage(2);

my %compressargs = %{compressargset($args{'compress'} || 'default')}; # Can't be done with GetOptions arg, as default still needs to be set
@@ -618,6 +619,7 @@ sub syncdataset {
if ($matchingsnap eq $newsyncsnap) {
# barf some text but don't touch the filesystem
if (!$quiet) { print "INFO: no snapshots on source newer than $newsyncsnap on target. Nothing to do, not syncing.\n"; }
return 0;
} else {
my $matchingsnapescaped = escapeshellparam($matchingsnap);
# rollback target to matchingsnap
@@ -716,7 +718,36 @@ sub syncdataset {

if (!defined $args{'no-sync-snap'}) {
if (defined $args{'no-sync-snap'}) {
if (defined $args{'create-bookmark'}) {
my $bookmarkcmd;
if ($sourcehost ne '') {
$bookmarkcmd = "$sshcmd $sourcehost " . escapeshellparam("$sourcesudocmd $zfscmd bookmark $sourcefsescaped\@$newsyncsnapescaped $sourcefsescaped\#$newsyncsnapescaped");
} else {
$bookmarkcmd = "$sourcesudocmd $zfscmd bookmark $sourcefsescaped\@$newsyncsnapescaped $sourcefsescaped\#$newsyncsnapescaped";
if ($debug) { print "DEBUG: $bookmarkcmd\n"; }
system($bookmarkcmd) == 0 or do {
# fallback: assume nameing conflict and try again with guid based suffix
my $guid = $snaps{'source'}{$newsyncsnap}{'guid'};
$guid = substr($guid, 0, 6);

if (!$quiet) { print "INFO: bookmark creation failed, retrying with guid based suffix ($guid)...\n"; }

if ($sourcehost ne '') {
$bookmarkcmd = "$sshcmd $sourcehost " . escapeshellparam("$sourcesudocmd $zfscmd bookmark $sourcefsescaped\@$newsyncsnapescaped $sourcefsescaped\#$newsyncsnapescaped$guid");
} else {
$bookmarkcmd = "$sourcesudocmd $zfscmd bookmark $sourcefsescaped\@$newsyncsnapescaped $sourcefsescaped\#$newsyncsnapescaped$guid";
if ($debug) { print "DEBUG: $bookmarkcmd\n"; }
system($bookmarkcmd) == 0 or do {
warn "CRITICAL ERROR: $bookmarkcmd failed: $?";
if ($exitcode < 2) { $exitcode = 2; }
return 0;
} else {
# prune obsolete sync snaps on source and target (only if this run created ones).
pruneoldsyncsnaps($sourcehost,$sourcefs,$newsyncsnap,$sourceisroot,keys %{ $snaps{'source'}});
pruneoldsyncsnaps($targethost,$targetfs,$newsyncsnap,$targetisroot,keys %{ $snaps{'target'}});
@@ -1645,6 +1676,7 @@ Options:
--mbuffer-size=VALUE Specify the mbuffer size (default: 16M), please refer to mbuffer(1) manual page.
--no-stream Replicates using newest snapshot instead of intermediates
--no-sync-snap Does not create new snapshot, only transfers existing
--create-bookmark Creates a zfs bookmark for the newest snapshot on the source after replication succeeds (only works with --no-sync-snap)
--no-clone-rollback Does not rollback clones on target
--no-rollback Does not rollback clones or snapshots on target (it probably requires a readonly target)
--exclude=REGEX Exclude specific datasets which match the given regular expression. Can be specified multiple times

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