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permalink: /features/
<div class="features">
{% include menu.html %}
<div class="article-navigation">
{% for item in site.categories.features reversed limit:40 offset:0 %}
<a class="article-link{% if item.title contains "Content" %} active{% endif %}" href="{{site.baseurl}}{{item.url}}" title="{{item.title}}">
<div class="title" style="padding-top: 36px;">{{item.title}}</div>
{% endfor %}
{% for page in site.categories.features limit:1 offset:2 %}
<div class="intro">
<div class="title">{{page.title}}</div>
<div class="abstract">{{page.abstract}}</div>
<div class="article-wrapper">
<div class="help post-content">
{{ page.content }}
<div class="improve-article-wrapper">
<div class="improve-article">
<a class="button" href="{{page.prose_link }}">Edit in Prose</a>
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{% endfor %}