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The code for

The sitemap will look like the following:


The landing page


A list of the available implementations documented


The landing page for a specific implementation (e.g. scheme48)


Implementation-specific tutorials.


Implementation-specific annotated code samples.


Implementation-specific links to other sources.


Implementation-specific online REPL(s).


Implementation-specific book information.


Implementation-specific videos.


Implementation-specific comparisons to other implementations and languages.


People involved with a specific implementation.


Implementation-specific information on IDEs. These would fall into a few different categories, each starting with a sentence of the form:

  • If you've only just heard of {name} and would like to try it quickly then see...

  • If you've explored {name} and want to set up a useable IDE for hobby projects then see...

  • If you're ready to work with {name} everyday and need an industrial-strength IDE then see...

Depending on the complexity of the task, each of the sections above would live under /impl/{name}/ides/{ide-name} and have its own motivation, links and instructions. However, if the ides page can be short and sweet with links to the most accurate setup instructions available at any given moment, then all the better.


"Road to..." stories.


A listing for all of the books, papers, videos, etc.


All of the books in the system.


Specific information and reviews for a book.


All of the videos in the system.


All of the papers in the system.


Rankings of the best media in the system.


All of the annotated code in the system.

more to come

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