An Arduino based extreme feedback device.
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What is EFD?

An Extreeme feedback device for Arduino, with two RGB channels of Feedback. The EFD looks for a packet to come in on the serial line with the format "%xy" for example "%001008" The packet always starts with a percent sign "%" (ascii byte 37) If it finds anything else it discards the data and flushes the buffer. If it does find a % then it reads the next two bytes as Channel and alert status. As this is a two channel EFD, channel can only be 0 or 1 Alert status can any value between 0 and 255. No error checking is done to detect out of bounds values, the responsibility for this is on the sender. Currently this EFD is set up to inidicate the alert status set by an application that monitors the activity of the sun (often referred to as 'Space Weather'). Can be run on a ATmega168 based Arduino or better.