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OSMD Playback Demo

Demo available on


This is a proof of concept application enabling audio playback for OSMD scores. It features a simplistic note scheduler and utilizes soundfont-player for the actual audio playback.

The overall code quality is poor and has only been put together for personal prototyping.


At its current state the playback functionality is very basic, it does not interprate dynamics and has no way to handle for example grace notes. In addition to the limited features the current build also contains the following bugs (along with various other misbehaviors...):

  • Occasional cursor desynchronization when using progress indicator to change cursor location in score.
  • Some issues with tie lengths


The demo site is built with Vue.js and Vuetify. Run npm run serve to build the project and run it on a local dev server. The audio playback and scheduling logic can be found in the src/osmd directory.

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