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Javascript location picker built with Svelte
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Functionality, properties and events will change without major version bump, do not use in production.

Known upcoming changes:

  • Format of return data from events. GeoJSON objects will be returned instead of Leaflet lat/lng objects.

Svelte component for position and area selection with Leaflet.

The component presents a Leaflet map on which the user can click to select a position or an area (through drawing a polygon). When the selection is updated an update event is emitted.

Codepen demo JS API:

Codepen demo Bootstrap 3 form + modal:


The component comes with basic styling and is made to fill the parent container. You need to supply a Leaflet instance to the component's leaflet prop.

Example in Svelte app:

  import PickAPlace from 'svelte-pick-a-place';

<PickAPlace leaflet={leaflet} on:update={() => console.log('Update!')} on:save={() =>
console.log('On save!')} />

Example usage with Javascript API in legacy app:

Include IIFE build and stylesheet from unpkg, use the "-legacy" suffixed JS file if you need IE11 support and don't mind the larger file size:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Or use build with IE11 support: -->
<script src=""></script>

Add component:

let pickAPlace = new PickAPlace({
  target: document.getElementById('map'),
  props: {
    leaflet: window.L

// Listen to events through component.$on('eventName', callback)
pickAPlace.$on('update', ({ detail }) => {
  console.log('New position: ', detail);


  • leaflet - Leaflet instance
  • lat - wgs84 latitude. Set to 45 by default.
  • lng - wgs84 longitude. Set to 0 by default.
  • zoom - Map zoom level. Set to 3 by default.
  • guideOverlay - Show text overlay with instructions and picked lat/lng. True by default.
  • buttons - Show cancel & save buttons. True by default.
  • selectionModes - Array with enabled selection modes. Default: ['point', 'polygon']


  • update - Emitted on new selected location. The detail property of the event object contains the selection. If selection mode is "point" a Leaflet lat/lng object is returned. If selection mode is "polygon" the update event is emitted for each added point, the detail property will contain array with all lat/lng points of the polygon.
  • save - Emitted on save button click. The detail property of the event object contains the selection. If selection mode is "point" a Leaflet lat/lng object is returned. If selection mode is "polygon" an array consisting of lat/lng points for all polygon coordinates is returned.
  • cancel - Emitted on cancel button click.


The component was originally created from the component project template by Yogev:

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