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Removed unused field

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1 parent d1eccf1 commit 646a68edc95f7429bbab35ee9aabb5610a8dfea4 @jimwebber committed Apr 18, 2012
BIN presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
Binary file not shown.
2 src/koan/java/org/neo4j/tutorial/
@@ -25,13 +25,11 @@
public class Koan08b
private static EmbeddedDoctorWhoUniverse universe;
- private static DatabaseHelper databaseHelper;
public static void createDatabase() throws Exception
universe = new EmbeddedDoctorWhoUniverse(new DoctorWhoUniverseGenerator());
- databaseHelper = new DatabaseHelper(universe.getDatabase());

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