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snewman commented Nov 5, 2011

This will let the script in the tutorial presentation work out of the box.

iansrobinson and others added some commits Apr 27, 2011

Merge branch 'master' of
	presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
Jim Webber
iMerge branch 'master' of
	presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
Jim Webber
Renamed the Koans so that their numbering scheme does not upset the

Changed the ContainsOnlySpecificSpecies matcher uses a set instead of
a hashmap to count known species.
Jim Webber
Added a guard clause so that the number of matched arguments has to be
equal to the number of nodes found in the index.
Jim Webber
Ditched some superflous code that counted the number of index hits,
and instead made sure that the index hit we want is present as we
iterate over them.

At the end of the matcher, we still check that we've iterated
everything, thus catching any size inequality between parameters.
Jim Webber
Added some slides on what we didn't cover in the tutorial so that att…
…endees know there's more cool stuff to learn about once they finish these koans
Jim Webber
Corrected a numbering mistake in the slide deck.
Added the start of the 5th koan on traverser APIs
Jim Webber
Added missing data to the JSON data files.
Added the first season's episode data using a builder syntax that allows simple accumlation of facts (I would like to refactor all data entry into metaprogrammed JRuby at some point based on this experience)
Removed a bug from some of the JSON data loaders where missing data was silently ignored.
Jim Webber
Brought the data set up to date with the latest Doctor Who episodes. …
…What an enormous data entry task that was!
Jim Webber
Chnaged the snippet start to cover the index work we expect students …
…to perform in shouldCountTheNumberOfDoctorsRegenerations - they'll need to find Hartnell in the actors index first.
Jim Webber
Added a trickier traversal problem using the simple traverser API. In…
… this case you need to use both traverser and a bit of the core API to get the job done.
Jim Webber
Split out the old and new traverser APIs into separate koans to make …
…the code cleaner (particularly for ctrl-space driven development). Made this apparent in the slide deck too.
Jim Webber
Made the universe object (and its underlying database) static for eac…
…h test class so that we don't have to load a new database for each individual test (but will for each test class). This is much faster, but has the potential to cause unintended side-effects between tests.
Jim Webber
Completely removed the JSON-based ETL stuff. It now uses a fluent int…
…erface to describe facts which is nicer to use (though it can be tricky to code)

peterneubauer and others added some commits Oct 13, 2011

Revert "Starting to upgrade the Koans to the most recent Neo4j version"
Cypher contains a pretty nasty bug in that version.

This reverts commit 23299a8.
Changed the returnable evaluator to reflect the simplification of
prop names back to "prop" rather than "name" which conflicted with
Moved Relationship names out into a new DoctorWhoUniverse class rather
than being entwined with DoctorWhoUniverseGenerator
Replaced a check for node existence with a stronger check that
determines whether a deleted node (Kirk) has a property.
The characters index is now keyed in property "character" rather than
"name" to be consistent with the other indexes.
Changed the casing of indexes to be consistently lower case as per co…
…de; changed the indexed key name to be character instead.
Revert "Revert to Neo4j 1.4.2, so that Neoclipse visualisation works.…
… WARNING this breaks Koan08 and Koan11"

This reverts commit eaeb9bb.
Renamed part.type to part.part because type is ambiguous and likely t…
…o clash with other things that use the vague term type

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jimwebber Jan 23, 2014


Can you roll this up into a single commit? There are a lot of files touched for what should be a single file tweak.


jimwebber commented Jan 23, 2014

Can you roll this up into a single commit? There are a lot of files touched for what should be a single file tweak.

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