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fix generate.eclipse.project task #9

wants to merge 324 commits into from

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klauern commented Oct 30, 2011

Didn't work for me without adding the destination .bz2 file to the

and others added some commits Apr 20, 2011
@jimwebber Just some light variable renaming 8215656
@jimwebber Added some new ENEMY_OF relationships between species to make that mo…
…re interesting than a simple tree. In turn this means we now have some more exciting traversal examples in the slide deck.

Also added to the number of koans, so that we can now mix indexes and core, and will be able to mix indexes, core, and traversal APIs.
@jimwebber Added a new exercise to demonstrate retrieving named indexes from the…
… database
@jimwebber Just a couple of tweaks to the koan 3 and 4. ee3092d
@jimwebber Added the package name details to the new and old traverser slides 4a1823a
@jimwebber Removed an unused import. 71e50f2
@jimwebber Completed a simple set of examples for CRUDing indexes. fee129e
@jimwebber And now removed unused imports. Need to be tidier... 45f8190
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Removed unused import ab4c0ff
@jimwebber Added a closing slide, and a little blurb on starting neo4j server wi…
…th a demo slide.

Tidied up the 4th Koan.

Tidied up the DoctorWhoUniverse.
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of 5786167
@jimwebber Removed a duplicate koan slide dddd632
@jimwebber Refactored some of the more elaborate assertions into proper matchers…
… of the own.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Revert "Removed unused import"
This reverts commit ab4c0ff.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added monster slide 5e28df7
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Merge branch 'master' of
	presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added Spring Data Graph dependencies. 67faa54
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Revert "Added monster slide"
This reverts commit 5e28df7.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added monster slide 0147d38
@jimwebber iMerge branch 'master' of
	presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
@jimwebber Adding newly refactored matchers 2c2a8a6
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Removed unused imports. 54a913c
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added monster slide. 2198d6c
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added new matcher for matching only specific species. b6e7d01
@jimwebber Renamed the Koans so that their numbering scheme does not upset the

Changed the ContainsOnlySpecificSpecies matcher uses a set instead of
a hashmap to count known species.
@jimwebber Added a guard clause so that the number of matched arguments has to be
equal to the number of nodes found in the index.
@jimwebber Ditched some superflous code that counted the number of index hits,
and instead made sure that the index hit we want is present as we
iterate over them.

At the end of the matcher, we still check that we've iterated
everything, thus catching any size inequality between parameters.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Production code now compiled with AspectJ compiler. 24e45ad
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Merge branch 'master' of ca89a42
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Started adding some Spring Data Graph examples. cb89e30
@jimwebber Added some slides on what we didn't cover in the tutorial so that att…
…endees know there's more cool stuff to learn about once they finish these koans
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of ca4cf26
@jimwebber Corrected a numbering mistake in the slide deck.
Added the start of the 5th koan on traverser APIs
@jimwebber Added the simplest Koan that uses the simple traversal framework - se…
…arch for companions of the Doctor.
@jimwebber Minor update. 2fc8114
@jimwebber Added missing data to the JSON data files.
Added the first season's episode data using a builder syntax that allows simple accumlation of facts (I would like to refactor all data entry into metaprogrammed JRuby at some point based on this experience)
Removed a bug from some of the JSON data loaders where missing data was silently ignored.
@jimwebber Added basic season 2 data to the episodes. Refactored each season int…
…o its own method
@jimwebber Refactored the fact method so that it's smaller and uses better named…
… underlying ensure methods.
@jimwebber Fixing up data-centric tests after expanding the data set aadefe1
@jimwebber Fixing up data-centric tests after expanding the data set 1cc0d11
@jimwebber Slowly adding the entire set of episodes into the dataset a984167
@jimwebber Brought the data set up to date with the latest Doctor Who episodes. …
…What an enormous data entry task that was!
@jimwebber Made the tests pass after the marathon data entry session. a921b57
@jimwebber Removed some non-static bindings to newly static fields 4a71751
@jimwebber Added a simple count-the-regenerations koan for the core API 6cb09bb
@jimwebber Chnaged the snippet start to cover the index work we expect students …
…to perform in shouldCountTheNumberOfDoctorsRegenerations - they'll need to find Hartnell in the actors index first.
@jimwebber Added a more involved core API traversal, to discover the episodes wh…
…ere Rose Tyler fought the daleks.
@jimwebber Added a trickier traversal problem using the simple traverser API. In…
… this case you need to use both traverser and a bit of the core API to get the job done.
@jimwebber Split out the old and new traverser APIs into separate koans to make …
…the code cleaner (particularly for ctrl-space driven development). Made this apparent in the slide deck too.
@jimwebber Made the universe object (and its underlying database) static for eac…
…h test class so that we don't have to load a new database for each individual test (but will for each test class). This is much faster, but has the potential to cause unintended side-effects between tests.
@jimwebber Ported the characters to the new fluent interface syntax and started …
…to remove the JSON datafiles
@jimwebber fixing up simpler koans that used to use different indexes to just us…
…e the characters index now
@jimwebber Completely removed the JSON-based ETL stuff. It now uses a fluent int…
…erface to describe facts which is nicer to use (though it can be tricky to code)
@jimwebber Formatted the code and removed a bunch of dead commented out code 3b08155
@jimwebber Just saved the ppt deck d680382
@jimwebber Allowed characters to belong to more than one species, to account for…
… the case of Miss Hartigan who was turned into a cyberman
@jimwebber Added an example using the new traversal API that finds the first doctor 8c68213
@jimwebber Finished up koan 6 with two really simple traversals 2646c17
@jimwebber Fixed a test that failed to take into account that Miss Hartigan is h…
…uman and cyberman
@jimwebber Removing unused imports 9309241
@jimwebber Added some notes to the new traverser API slide f61be78
@jimwebber Tweaked koan 6 description and added the skeleton for koan 7 c5d1c45
@jimwebber Made the error message for failures more descriptive 239e3b1
@jimwebber Added some indexing for episodes and characters.
Created a very simple path-koan in Koan7, and a matcher to help formulate the assertion in that unit test.
@jimwebber Added a test for number of master regenerations using path length - m…
…uch easier than doing it with traversers.
@jimwebber Tweaked the path length in the assertion because it's not the number …
…of regenerations, it's the number of actors we want.
@jimwebber Just tidying up the assertions for clarity 1ba839d
@jimwebber Started an explanation of path operations in the deck.
Implemented a matcher that allows us to look for specific length 3 paths in the graph and assert against them for the deck example.
@jimwebber Added preamble for graph matching in the deck db07531
@jimwebber Tidying up an assertion 469559a
@jimwebber Tidying up unused imports d267d63
@jimwebber Added the graph matching jar and matching koan.
The jar is needed because neo4j/graph-matching is not available through the MVN repo.
@jimwebber Added graph-matching as an ivy dependency a678d99
@jimwebber Fixed a bug that enemies and enemy species found in episodes didn't
have ENEMY_OF relationships in the graph
@jimwebber Updated the builders to prevent (silent) duplicate relationships bein…
…g added.
@jimwebber Fixed the tests after the last push. 9acb940
@jimwebber Added shell as a dependency
Updated the scripts and the slide deck to use the new shell jar
Added an ensure relationship exists method in DatabaseHelper to remove relationship duplicates when building the Doctor Who universe.
Spiked some stuff around pattern matching in Koan 8 - it's incomplete in this commit
@jimwebber Minor refactoring for clarity in the Koans.
Added an "Exercise" slide to Koans 2-7 to make it explicit what is expected of the students in each Koan.
@jimwebber Added the Editor as an enemy in the Long Game 1435f69
@jimwebber Completed Koan 8, including the slides.
Tidied up some of the matchers so the error messages are more descriptive, and so they're a little more generic.
@jimwebber Just mucking around with the Doctor Who Graphics on the slide deck 7c37bc3
@jimwebber Fixed a bug in the query index slide example. d7679d1
@jimwebber Added Nixon and Canton to the episodes as Allies of the Doctor. Had t…
…o change the Nixon index test to use an otherwise unknown character (Abagail)
@jimwebber Added some performance data into the slide deck 6131d59
Jim Webber Adding a link to the student-ready koan in the slides 677edfe
@jimwebber added the release script into gitignore 99539df
@jimwebber Tweaking some of the slides on NOSQL. 1071946
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Deleted SpeciesRepository - we're not currently doing SDG, and this f…
…ile is causing errors in IDE
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Merge branch 'master' of 2115fef
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Modified shell startup scrips by removing jar version numbers (as per…
… our build)
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated Richard Hurdnall's history 84ea5f9
@jimwebber Just powerpoint pointlessly updating the last modified status on the …
@jimwebber Updating the roadmap c530c90
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Corrected spelling mistake 4e530b9
@jimwebber Just a save from PPT/eclipse. 2819504
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of
	presentation/A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j.pptx
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Removed extensions from jars in neo shell scripts 53c0a07
@jimwebber Changed a mispelling of Tardis ce93c24
@jimwebber Fixed a typo in episodes thanks to Michael Nygard. ad9dfe8
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of f113b86
iansrobinson and others added some commits Jul 4, 2011
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated to 1.M05 f02920d
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Moved to 1.M06 - note that server is still currently at 1.M04 f45d272
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Moved aspectj task def to narrower scope 6f88d92
@jimwebber Starting a eclipse project generator. 46b2567
@jimwebber Merged. 6252199
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added first Cypher exercise e6a7bb0
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added another Cypher exercise a0a8d6d
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added third Cypher exercise eb6773b
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of 65d1816
@jimwebber Added the ant script that generates an eclipse project 474fad1
@jimwebber removed bin dir f2bf8be
@jimwebber updating gitignore 6c455f2
@jimwebber Applying Tobias' patch which short-circuits the matcher earlier if
it's clear there can be no match.
@jimwebber Added the first auto-indexing koan as Koan04.
Moved Cypher to Koan08 (because it's important)
@jimwebber Rejigged the slide deck to reflect the new koan ordering 91c930f
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Refactored prop builder method name d68c4c5
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Back to using 1.4M06 3407cd0
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Corrected some of the episode data re. the Daleks 540b0db
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated prop details 54e5f73
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Simplified assertions in Cypher koan c2707b4
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added some Cypher slides to the presentation b3b395e
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Started updating REST documentation in presentation d473c8e
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Examples now use 1.4 GA 3dca994
@jimwebber Finished the simple auto-indexing kaon plus slides 9841ca9
@jimwebber Added a slide on auto index lifecycle de33345
@jimwebber Added a note to the auto indexing slides that warns about the possibi…
…lity of deleting your existing indexes by programmatic accident
@jimwebber organising imports d32edaa
@jimwebber fixed typo in comment 184182d
@jimwebber Updated the slide where we tell people to download the koans, and add…
…ed a slide clue about auto-gen for eclipse projects
@jimwebber Added the packaged koans URI to the slide deck 3b63eef
@jimwebber A better version of Koan5 solution e7ec530
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated episodes in which Daleks appeared to include bit-part appeara…
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Renamed test name 08e01dc
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Removed IS_A relationship from a Dalek prop to Dalek species c2bfe87
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Merge branch 'master' of 20bdb44
@jimwebber Removed the conference-specific opening slide
Added properties into a relationship in the property graph slides
@jimwebber Check for lib dir before bothering with ivy 804098a
@jimwebber ant-eclipse is not downloaded if we find the jar already on the file
@jimwebber Removed Neoclipse. We can't have this stuff hanging around in Github.
Changed the build so that it looks for local filesystem artifacts before going online. This is in response to poor Internet connections in teaching venues like conferences.
@jimwebber Simple Ant script to pull the latest neoclipse based on the running
@jimwebber Fixing a scope bug with <not> and <and> 45e876a
@jimwebber Finalising the neoclipse download script f81f8f9
@jimwebber Changed the main ant script target names to be dot separated rather t…
…han dash separated
@jimwebber Correcting a silly file naming error (s/Lesson/Koan/g) which prevented
the koan html unit test reports from being generated.
@jimwebber Fixing broken Koan answer (and in the process learned not to take
student's advice on sprinkling for loops with inaccurate break
@jimwebber trying and failing to remove the unhelpful and inappropriate and wron…
…g generic warnings. Java generics are awful.
@jimwebber Refactored the script to move many literals into properties. 9597d7d
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated to Neo4j 1.4.1 508cad2
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Assigned null to result so that koans compile 68844aa
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Renamed result set so that we know we're collecting actors, not episodes 92beba7
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Pulled out ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler real nodes to make it easier t…
…o understand test.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Pulled out more index lookups in the pattern matching example, so tha…
…t we can focus on paterns, and not guessing index keys
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Updated presentation with a few new pictures ed08ca4
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added order by clause, but required to use prop.prop? when identifyin…
…g Supreme Dalek in Koan 8
@jimwebber Updated the places where we know the tutorial will be presented. d7614bf
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of 8a2210f
@iansrobinson iansrobinson renamed some of the Dalek prop node properties a225115
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Merge branch 'master' of 6e52422
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Added comment on Uniqueness constraint in new Traversal framework 17c2a73
@jimwebber Renamed DoctorWhoUniverse to DoctorWhoUniverseGenerator since it is no
longer the base class for the embedded and server universes - it just
mints clean copies of the universe.
@jimwebber Removed legacy override annotations bc36115
@jimwebber Removed some duplicated slides on property graphs. Went with the new …
…shiny Doctor Who graph slides from Ian
@jimwebber Replaced the opening video with a smaller and shorter version 8207040
@jimwebber s/name/prop/g in the dalek prop supply chain data 87df616
@jimwebber Added a medium-hard Cypher koan, to bridge between the really tricky
supply chain stuff and the easy episode koan.
@iansrobinson iansrobinson Consistent casing of index names (species and Species will result in …
…a LockObtainedFailException)
@thobe thobe Added names to traversal descriptions that state intention. ffe4f47
@jimwebber Updating readme with new contributors 5338fa8
@jimwebber Making readme look nice 26d6435
@jimwebber removing out of date tutorials 217d059
@thobe thobe Added Keynote version of the presentation material. 6521435
@thobe thobe Starting to upgrade the Koans to the most recent Neo4j version 23299a8
@peterneubauer peterneubauer adding image 49f5957
@peterneubauer peterneubauer Edited README.markdown via GitHub 36e6a67
@thobe thobe Revert "Starting to upgrade the Koans to the most recent Neo4j version"
Cypher contains a pretty nasty bug in that version.

This reverts commit 23299a8.
@jimwebber fixed up opening video and made sure to use the small version b208a54
@jimwebber Merge branch 'master' of 4e6d428
@jimwebber Changed the returnable evaluator to reflect the simplification of
prop names back to "prop" rather than "name" which conflicted with
@jimwebber Moved Relationship names out into a new DoctorWhoUniverse class rather
than being entwined with DoctorWhoUniverseGenerator
@jimwebber Applied Neo4j standard formatting. 3f5c403
@jimwebber Changed DoctorWhoUniverse to DoctorWhoRelationships and changed it to
be an enum.
@jimwebber Formatted Cypher to use lower case clauses. fc6b0cf
@jimwebber Fixed index lookup code to always use lower case version in lieu of an
annoying Lucene bug.
@jimwebber Replaced a check for node existence with a stronger check that
determines whether a deleted node (Kirk) has a property.
@jimwebber The characters index is now keyed in property "character" rather than
"name" to be consistent with the other indexes.
@jimwebber added videos into keynote presentation 16c5b3f
@jimwebber Changed the casing of indexes to be consistently lower case as per co…
…de; changed the indexed key name to be character instead.
@jimwebber Removed annoying emphasis from pptx deck title fc12989
@jimwebber Added the doctor's regeneration years in preparation for more
advanced and numerous cypher koans
@peterneubauer peterneubauer fixed bug where universe was not shut down propertly. 9230b9b
@peterneubauer peterneubauer finally getting classifier to work 59d2ab9
@peterneubauer peterneubauer upgrading everything to work with 1.5-SNAPSHOT, phew! aa27759
@jimwebber tweaked the build files, and created a new task that deletes the ivy …
…and lib dirs
@jimwebber Updated the paths matcher in Koan9 so that it has a better error resp…
…onse description.
@jimwebber prettified the code a2b5a4c
@jimwebber added iml file to git ignore 038d928
@klauern klauern fix generate.eclipse.project task
Didn't work for me without adding the destination .bz2 file to the
<get dest=> task.

Works fine for me on Mac OSX.

What OS are you on?

Windows XP SP2


Closing this one. The task seems to work on some Windows machines.

@jimwebber jimwebber closed this Jan 23, 2014
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