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My Emacs Setup based on the Emacs Starter Kit (ESK)
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Elixir mode

(but currently disabled because elixir mode is not very good)
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@jimweirich authored
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bin Make flymake dynamically choose a ruby version.
local Allow .git to define the project root
pkgs Use xruby for running ruby subprocesses.
snippets Add fill column mode line
themes Update font comments in dark theme
00-load-path.el Set user defined directories
01-delayed.el Clean up HTML snippets Added instruction to set value of user-specific-dir in the README
TODO Add yasnippet
appearance.el Load ETHEME from environment
auto.el Added markdown mode.
cd-tracking.el Add support for $PATH tracking from shell.
cider-init.el Add cider init file
clojure-jump-to-test-fix.el Handle impl/test switching in projects with clj/cljs dirs
clojure-mode-options.el Use paredit for clojure files.
codol-options.el more codel options
coffee-options.el Add indent-block/outdent-block for use in coffeescript.
compile-mode-options.el Add comment about using unansi as a compile buffer hook.
dbg.el Add debugging tool
defaults.el Disable auto-fill-mode by default.
elixir.el Elixir mode
enhanced_toggle.el Another toggle mode.
eval-buffer.el More eval-buffer extension bindings
find-in-git-options.el add find-in-git-options
gforth-init.el Add gforth to packages.
go-mode-options.el Add go programming mode.
haskell.el add haskel setup file
hippie-config.el Remove hacked he-dabbrev-search function.
hooks.el Remove idle-highlight mode hook
html-mode-options.el Clean up HTML snippets
ido.el Delay vertical mode until after init
ispell-options.el Add aspell option for spelling
javascript-delete-trailing-whitespace.el Add eval buffer command to javascript / coffeescript.
keys.el Add revert-buffer binding
kill-paredit.el Kill paredit mode for javascript.
magit-options.el Removed unneeded string.
menu-bar-mode.el Leave menu mode off.
misc.el Removed misc function.
mmm-options.el Clean up HTML snippets
mo-git-options.el Add yasnippet
move-region.el Add move region
nav.el Better handling of visual vs logical line navigation.
pretty.el add pretty.el
rails-options.el Updated rinari options
rails.el add rails.el
rdebug-options.el Add rdebug package.
refresh.el Fix missing paren in refresh.el
ruby-align.el Switch to standard alignment package.
ruby-flymake-fix.el Create fallback for ruby-flymake mode if no autoruby present.
ruby-mode-options.el Remove hacked he-dabbrev-search function.
ruby-refactoring.el Removed explicit insert from a number of refactorings.
shell-enhancements.el Add utility commands, moved shell enhancement to their own file.
shell-mode-options.el Disable trailing spaces display in shell mode
testing.el Add context/describe to spec detection pattern.
ugly-lambdas.el Added use-ugly/pretty-lambda functions to turn the mode on/off.
utils.el Add utility commands, moved shell enhancement to their own file.
visit-source.el Fix messup in visit-source
wide-fill-paragraph.el Move wide fill keybindings to keys.el
window-manage.el Add testing commands
xmp-options.el Add xmp-clear function (and binding)
yasnippet-options.el Enable snippets in go mode.

Jim Weirich's Emacs Setup

This is my emacs setup. It is currently based on the Emacs Starter Kit by Technomancy, version 1 (n.b. version 1 is the master branch, not v2). (

Emacs Version

I'm using Emacs 23.3 from here:

(The Carbon Emacs package from is a bit older and the starter kit is not compatibile with it, or so I've been told)


(in progress)

  • Install the Emacs Starter Kit listed above
  • Clone this repository to .emacs.d/XXX (where XXX is your user name)
  • Add this line as first line to 00-load-path.el
  (setq user-specific-dir "/home/XXX/.emacs.d/XXX") ; where XXX is your user name



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