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+# The Gilded Rose Code Kata
+This is a Ruby version of the Gilded Rose Kata, found
+I Am Not Myself).
+This is a refactorying kata, so you will be starting with a legacy
+code base. To work the Kata, clone this git repository and checkout
+the tag 'start-here'. Read the description below for the "rules"
+involving this kata.
+## Changes from the original
+This Ruby version follows the original code very closely, but has the
+following changes:
+* The original had no tests. Since this is a refactoring kata, I felt
+ the tests were important and provide a fairly complete test suite.
+ Just delete the tests if you wish to "go it alone".
+* The original used a hard coded set of "items", presumably for
+ testing the code. Since I a test suite, the hard coded values were
+ not of much use. I also changed the interface to accept a list of
+ items as a parameter rather than a hard coded constant.
+You can read
+[the original kata article](
+I Am Not Myself) for more details.
+Hope you enjoy this. -- Jim Weirich
+# Original Description of the Gilded Rose
Hi and welcome to team Gilded Rose. As you know, we are a small inn
with a prime location in a prominent city ran by a friendly innkeeper
named Allison. We also buy and sell only the finest

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