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Source Control Made Easy
Few tools have changed the way I work as much as the git source control system. Its distributed nature and lightweight branching and merging have made it possible for me to massage my code base in ways I couldn't have even imagined before using git.
However, git has a reputation for being hard to learn. Because of its rather different approach to source control issues, many of the techniques we have learned in other source control systems do not translate cleanly when using git.
In this talk, we avoid the whole "fear of git" issue by not talking about git at all. Instead we introduce the "Custom Source Control" (CSC) system and build it up from first principles. In the end, we will have a completely functional, distributed source control system. And because each step in our journey of building CSC is simple and straight forward, we end up with a completely understandable system.
So, this talk is not about git. But attendees will end up with a deeper understanding of the principles behind git.
Did I mention this talk is not about git? No, really! It's not. <wink/>
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