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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ method). In addition, file tasks are usually named with a string
rather than a symbol.
The following file task creates a executable program (named +prog+)
-given two object files name <tt>a.o</tt> and <tt>b.o</tt>. The tasks
+given two object files named <tt>a.o</tt> and <tt>b.o</tt>. The tasks
for creating <tt>a.o</tt> and <tt>b.o</tt> are not shown.
file "prog" => ["a.o", "b.o"] do |t|
@@ -196,10 +196,24 @@ or
RELEASE_VERSION=0.8.2 rake release
+or, alternatively
+ rake release RELEASE_VERSION=0.8.2
will work. Environment variable names must either match the task
parameter exactly, or match an all-uppercase version of the task
+<b>NOTE:</b> A variable declared within a rake command will
+not persist in the environment:
+ $ export $VALUE=old
+ $ rake :print_value $VALUE=new
+ new
+ $ rake :print_value
+ old
=== Tasks that Expect Parameters
Parameters are only given to tasks that are setup to expect them. In

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