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@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ First of all, there is no special format for a Rakefile. A Rakefile
contains executable Ruby code. Anything legal in a ruby script is
allowed in a Rakefile.
Now that we understand there is no special syntax in a Rakefile, there
are some conventions that are used in a Rakefile that are a little
unusual in a typical Ruby program. Since a Rakefile is tailored to
@@ -550,6 +551,34 @@ This is the proper way to specify the task ...
# Actions go here
+== Rakefile Path
+When issuing the <tt>rake<tt> command in a terminal, Rake will look
+for a Rakefile in the current directory. If a Rakefile is not found,
+it will search parent directories until one is found.
+For example, if a Rakefile resides in the <tt>project/<tt> directory,
+moving deeper into the project's directory tree will not have an adverse
+effect on rake tasks:
+ $ pwd
+ /home/user/project
+ $ cd lib/foo/bar
+ $ pwd
+ /home/user/project/lib/foo/bar
+ $ rake run_pwd
+ /home/user/project
+As far as rake is concerned, all tasks are run from the directory in
+which the Rakefile resides.
+=== Multiple Rake Files
+Not all tasks need to be included in a single Rakefile. A <tt>rakelib<tt>
+directory may be created for including additional Rake files.
== See

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