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removed manage_gems from rake gem package task

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1 parent 56317b4 commit dd9c844defd723ab541d5c86ff0465c9dcf7047f @jimweirich committed
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  1. +0 −6 lib/rake/gempackagetask.rb
6 lib/rake/gempackagetask.rb
@@ -9,12 +9,6 @@
require 'rubygems/user_interaction'
require 'rubygems/builder'
- Gem.manage_gems if Gem::RubyGemsVersion < '1.2.0'
-rescue NoMethodError => ex
- # Using rubygems prior to 0.6.1
module Rake
# Create a package based upon a Gem spec. Gem packages, as well as

2 comments on commit dd9c844


Thank you for removing this! Please release soon! I love you!



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