add --suppress-backtrace option #68

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The original commit in #64 allowed the user to add paths to SUPPRESS_PATHS in case of annoyance. For instance if gems are not installed under CONFIG['prefix'] then this would have the effect of --trace being permanently on.

That flexibility was removed in the final commit. I've added it back with a command-line option this time, and using a regexp instead of a list of paths.

If you decide against the option then I would recommend at least having Rake.application.options.suppress_backtrace_pattern available in code, or some other escape hatch.


Good catch. I'm travelling at the moment, but I'll see what I can do when I get home. Thanks.


The last commit excludes the paths

ruby -rrbconfig -rpp -e 'pp RbConfig::CONFIG.reject { |k,_| k !~ /(prefix|libdir)/ }'

Though the arbitrariness of this is giving me second thoughts, it seems to be OK.

@jimweirich jimweirich merged commit 18f4919 into jimweirich:master Oct 23, 2012
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