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represented in the RSpec formatted output (e.g. the '--format html'
+## Execution Ordering
+When running the test for a specific _Then_ clause, the following will
+be true:
+* The _Given_ clauses will be run in the order that they are
+ specified, from the outermost scope to the innermost scope
+ containing the _Then_.
+* All of the _Given_ clauses in all of the relevant scopes will run
+ before the first (outermost) _When_ clause in those same scopes.
+ That means that the _When_ code can assume that the givens have been
+ established, even if the givens are in a more nested scope than the
+ When.
+* _When_ clauses and RSpec _before_ blocks will be executed in the
+ order that they are specified, from the outermost block to the
+ innermost block. This makes _before_ blocks an excellent choice
+ when writing narrative tests to specify actions that happen between
+ the "whens" of a narrative.
+Note that the ordering between _Given_ clauses and _before_ blocks are
+a not strongly specified. Hoisting a _When_ clause out of an inner
+scope to an outer scope may change the ordering of when the _Given_
+clause runs in relation to a _before_ block (the hoisting will cause
+the givens to possibly run earlier). Because of this, do not split
+order dependent code between _Given_ clauses and _before_ blocks.
## Natural Assertions
**NOTE:** <em>Natural assertions are an experimental feature of
-RSpec/Given. They are currently disabled by default.</em>
+RSpec/Given. They are currently disabled by default. They can be
+enabled by a simple configuration option (see "use_natural_assertions"
RSpec/Given now supports the use of "natural assertions" in _Then_,
_And_, and _Invariant_ blocks. Natural assertions are just Ruby

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