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@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@ h1. Worked Examples for SICP
This is my worked examples for the "SICP book": The work is divided up into weekly studies, based around the "video lectures":
+h2. Coding Examples
+h3. Scheme Examples
You will find the worked examples in Scheme in the scheme directory of this project. Each week's work will be its own directory. Examples will be named ex<em>m_n</em>.scm (where <em>m_n</em> is exercise number _m.n_). The book_code.scm will contain any interesting code snippets from the book in the assigned reading for that week.
Have fun.
-h2. Schedule
+h3. Clojure Examples
-h3. Week 1
+Some Clojure examples can be found in the clojure directory. They are a bit less organized that the Scheme examples, but feel free to peruse them. Perhaps something will be useful to you.
-* SICP through section 1.1.8
-* Lecture 1a
-* Exercises 1.1 - 1.8
-h3. Week 2
+h2. Schedule
+You will find the weekly assignments "here":
@@ -6,7 +6,12 @@ CLOBBER.include("html")
task :readme => "html/README.html"
+task :open_readme => [:readme] do
+ sh 'open html/README.html'
directory "html"
file "html/README.html" => ["README.textile", "html"] do |t|
textile = open("%n.textile")) { |f| }
open(, 'w') do |outs|

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