Study Group Worked Exercises from "The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
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Worked Examples for SICP

This is my worked examples for the SICP book. The work is divided up into weekly studies, based around the video lectures.

Coding Examples

Scheme Examples

You will find the worked examples in Scheme in the scheme directory of this project. Each week’s work will be its own directory. Examples will be named exm_n.scm (where m_n is exercise number m.n). The book_code.scm will contain any interesting code snippets from the book in the assigned reading for that week.

Have fun.

Clojure Examples

Some Clojure examples can be found in the clojure directory. They are a bit less organized that the Scheme examples, but feel free to peruse them. Perhaps something will be useful to you.


You will find the weekly assignments here.