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Emacs Configuration

This is my new emacs config after upgrading to emacs 24.

It is mostly just a reorganization of my previous files plus some more modes/config added.

I have tried to keep everything organized but simple and flat at the same time. Some important changes I have introduced are as follows:

  • My ~/.emacs.d/init.el file just loads the init.el file inside this repo and does nothing else. So no symlinking and such other things.

  • Customize is set to write to a separate custom.el file and not init.el itself.

  • The nxhtml and org modes are now added as git submodules for keeping up with their original sources.

  • Any future modes that come in form multiple files inside a directory will be added directly in the root of the repo, preferably as submodules.

  • The lib directory is added to the load path. Any single file modes will be added here.

  • Any custom theme files will be added to themes.

  • ondemand.el file has function defined of the form ondemand-* for loading a few things only when required. Presently there is only one function for loading nxhtml on demand. This is because for the last one year I haven't used mumamo much really. I do use nxhtml for editing django templates though.

A lot of code has been borrowed from init files of various people on github and around the internets. All mistakes are most likely my own.