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Generate a new polyglot Bazel workspace with minimal configuration
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Create a polyglot Bazel workspace easily, with sane defaults for multiple languages (layers).

Quick start

$ go get

$ go install

$ $GOPATH/bin/create-bazel-workspace -dir <output-dir> <layer 1> <layer 2> ... <layer N>

For example, if you want go and scala, run

$ create-bazel-workspace go scala

The default output directory is named bazel-workspace.


A layer contains the following:

  • Minimal example that makes use of the layer's rulesets (e.g. android_binary and android_library for the android layer). This example is available as a top level target //:<layer>_example in the generated workspace.
  • WORKSPACE: Specifies the WORKSPACE content
  • BUILD.bazel: Specifies the top level BUILD file
  • post_create.txt: Further instructions for a layer after create-bazel-workspace

When you specify multiple layers, files in each layer will be appended to the base layer sequentially.

Supported <layer> are the the names of the directories in this repository, e.g. android, scala, go.

Additional instructions

Depending on the layer, there may be more commands to run after create-bazel-workspace. For example, the go layer may require running bazel run //:gazelle. These instructions are logged in <bazel-workspace-output>/

$ cat bazel-workspace/
# Instructions for the base layer:

Please file issues at

# Instructions for the go layer:

From rules_go, please run:

    $ bazel run //:gazelle

This will generate a BUILD.bazel file for each Go package in your repository. 
You can run the same command in the future to update existing build files with 
new source files, dependencies, and options.

Please file issues at

# Instructions for the android layer:


    $ bazel run @androidsdk//install

This will attempt to download the SDK for the versions specified. If you change
these values, clean the workspace, or check it out fresh, you will need to
re-run this command to download and install the SDK again.

Please file issues at

# Instructions for the scala layer:

Please file issues at


This project can be built with Bazel. Build the binary by running

$ bazel run //:create-bazel-workspace

To regenerate the BUILD files, run

$ bazel run //:gazelle

To add a new dep, run

$ bazel run //:gazelle -- update-repos

Contributing a Layer

To add a layer, open a pull request with new top-level directory named after the layer, containing these files:

  • <layer>/WORKSPACE.bzl
  • <layer>/BUILD.bazel.bzl
  • <layer>/post_create.txt

These files are allowed to be empty.


create-bazel-workspace is inspired by create-react-app and Spacemacs's concept of layers.

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