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Examples for Jina

Table of Contents

These examples showcase Jina in action and provide sample code for you to work from.

We suggest you read the following to get an overview of what Jina is and how it works:

🐣 Simple Examples


Semantic Wikipedia Search with Transformers and DistilBERT

Brand new to neural search? See a simple text-search example to understand how Jina works


Search Lyrics with Transformers and PyTorch

Get a better understanding of chunks by searching a lyrics database. Now with shiny front-end!


Find Similar Audio Clips

A simple example to show how to find similar audio clips using Jina

🚀 Advanced Examples


Querying While Indexing in the Wikipedia Search Example

Support both querying and indexing simultaneously in our Wikipedia Search Example


Cross Modal: Search images from captions and vice-versa

Use one modality (text) to search another (images)

Community Examples

Want to add your own example? Please check our guidelines!


Meme Search - Text search / Image search / Front end

Search memes by caption or similar image.


App Store Search

Use Transformers to search through a rich app store dataset with a responsive front-end


Star Wars Question Answering System

Generate answers based on star wars descriptions from wookieepedia.

Legacy examples


Financial Question Answering Search

Opinionated QA passage retrieval with BERT-based reranker

Adding Tests for Examples

You are highly encouraged to add a test for your example so that we will be alerted if it breaks in the future:

  1. Put your test data in the tests folder. The test data can be a few text sentences, images or audio samples
  2. Create test_[your_example].py in the tests folder. Add your test cases to the tests file with meaningful asserts depending on example input and output
  3. Run the test locally to confirm before pushing with pytest
  4. Add your example folder name to the path variable in matrix of .github/worflows/ci.yml. This will trigger your example test on creating a pull request.

Testing Tips

  • For reference, check out the tests folder from any of the examples in this repo.
  • Try using the original example function by importing them to the test. Avoid any modifications to original Flow or logic.
  • Use the pytest fixture tmpdir for temporary directory


  • Slack channel - a communication platform for developers to discuss Jina
  • LinkedIn - get to know Jina AI as a company and find job opportunities
  • Twitter Follow - follow us and interact with us using hashtag #JinaSearch
  • Company - know more about our company, we are fully committed to open-source!


Copyright (c) 2021 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved.

Jina is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.