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Examples for Jina

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Jina 101 Concept Illustration Book, Copyright by Jina AI Limited   

Jina 101: First Thing to Learn About Jina

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Use Flow API to Compose Your Search Workflow

Learn how to orchestrate Pods to work together: sequentially and in parallel; locally and remotely


Input and Output Functions in Jina

Learn how the input and output functions work in Jina


Use Dashboard to Get Insight of Jina Workflow

Learn to use dashboard to monitor and get insight of a running workflow


From BERT-as-Service to X-as-Service

Learn how to use Jina to extract feature vector using any deep learning representation


Build a NLP Semantic Search System

Learn how to build a script search system for South Park and practice your knowledge on Flows and Pods


Build a Flower Image Search System

Learn how to build an image search system and define you own executors and run them in docker


Video Semantic Search in Scale with Prefetching and Sharding

Learn how to increase the performance by using prefetching and sharding


Revisit "Hello, World!" in a Client-Server Architecture

Learn how to run a Flow remotely and use a local client to connect to it


Distribute Your Workflow Remotely

Learn to run Jina on remote instances and distribute your workflow


Extend Jina by Implementing Your Own Executor

Learn how to implement your own ideas into Jina's plugin


Run Jina Pod via Docker Container

Learn how Jina solves complex dependencies easily with Docker container


Share Your Extension with the World

Learn to use Jina Hub and share your extensions with engineers around the globe


Google's Big Transfer Model in (Poké-)Production

Learn to how to use SOTA visual representation for searching Pokémon!



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Copyright (c) 2020 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved.

Jina is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.


Examples and demos built with Jina that help you onboarding





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