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Simplify deploying and managing Jina projects on Jina Cloud


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JCloud logo: the command line interface that simplifies deploying and managing Jina projects on Jina Cloud

Simplify deploying and hosting Jina projects on Jina Cloud


☁️ To the cloud! - Smoothly deploy a local project as a cloud service. Radically easy, no nasty surprises.

🎯 Cut to the chase - One CLI with five commands to manage the lifecycle of your Jina projects.

🎟️ Early free access - Sneak peek at our stealthy cloud hosting platform. Built on latest cloud-native tech stack, we now host your Jina project and offer computational and storage resources, for free!


pip install jcloud
jc -h

In case jc is already occupied by another tool, please use jcloud instead. If your pip install doesn't register bash commands for you, you can run python -m jcloud -h.


Join Us

JCloud is backed by Jina AI and licensed under Apache-2.0. We are actively hiring AI engineers, solution engineers to build the next neural search ecosystem in open-source.