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Cloud-Native Neural Search Framework for Any Kind of Data

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👋 Click here to see quick demo!
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Jina is geared towards building search systems for any kind of data, including text, images, audio, video and many more. With the modular design & multi-layer abstraction, you can leverage the efficient patterns to build the system by parts, or chaining them into a Flow for an end-to-end experience.

🌌 Search anything - Large-scale indexing and querying of unstructured data: video, image, long/short text, music, source code, etc.

⏱️ Save time - The design pattern of neural search systems, from zero to a production-ready system in minutes.

🍱 Own your stack - Keep an end-to-end stack ownership of your solution, avoid the integration pitfalls with fragmented, multi-vendor, generic legacy tools.

🧠 First-class AI models - First-class support for state-of-the-art AI models, easily usable and extendable with a Pythonic interface.

🌩️ Fast & cloud-ready - Decentralized architecture from day one. Scalable & cloud-native by design: enjoy containerizing, distributing, sharding, async, REST/gRPC/WebSocket.


pip install -U jina

via Docker

docker run jinaai/jina:latest
📦 More installation options

x86/64,arm/v6,v7,v8 (Apple M1)
On Linux/macOS & Python 3.7/3.8/3.9 Docker Users
Standard pip install -U jina docker run jinaai/jina:latest
Daemon pip install -U "jina[daemon]" docker run --network=host jinaai/jina:latest-daemon
With Extras pip install -U "jina[devel]" docker run jinaai/jina:latest-devel
Dev/Pre-Release pip install --pre jina docker run jinaai/jina:master

Version identifiers are explained here. To install Jina with extra dependencies please refer to the docs. Jina can run on Windows Subsystem for Linux. We welcome the community to help us with native Windows support.

💡 YAML Completion in PyCharm & VSCode

Developing Jina app often means writing YAML configs. We provide a JSON Schema for your IDE to enable code completion, syntax validation, members listing and displaying help text. Here is a video tutorial to walk you through the setup.


  1. Click menu Preferences -> JSON Schema mappings;
  2. Add a new schema, in the Schema File or URL write; select JSON Schema Version 7;
  3. Add a file path pattern and link it to *.jaml and *.jina.yml.


  1. Install the extension: YAML Language Support by Red Hat;
  2. In IDE-level settings.json add:
"yaml.schemas": {
    "": ["/*.jina.yml", "/*.jaml"],

Get Started


Bits, pieces and examples of Jina code

Run Quick Demo

The Basics

Video Tutorials

Examples (View all)

📄 NLP Semantic Wikipedia Search with Transformers and DistilBERT

    Brand new to neural search? See a simple text-search example to understand how Jina works

📄 Add Incremental Indexing to Wikipedia Search

    Index more effectively by adding incremental indexing to your Wikipedia search

📄 Search Lyrics with Transformers and PyTorch

    Get a better understanding of chunks by searching a lyrics database. Now with shiny front-end!

🖼️ Google's Big Transfer Model in (Poké-)Production

    Use SOTA visual representation for searching Pokémon!

🎧 Search YouTube audio data with Vggish

    A demo of neural search for audio data based Vggish model.

🎞️ Search Tumblr GIFs with KerasEncoder

    Use prefetching and sharding to improve the performance of your index and query Flow when searching animated GIFs.

Check our examples repo for advanced and community-submitted examples.

Documentation & Support


We welcome all kinds of contributions from the open-source community, individuals and partners. We owe our success to your active involvement.

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Join Us

Jina is backed by Jina AI. We are hiring full-stack developers, evangelists, and PMs to build the next neural search ecosystem in open source.