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# Essential: only 5, they are labeled with `core`: docarray, numpy, grpcio, protobuf, pyyaml. They will be installed
# when you do `pip install jina`. They are essential to run 90% features & functionalities of Jina.
# Extensions: they are labeled with different tags. They will NOT be installed by default. One can install a group of
# of dependencies labeled `tag` by `pip install "jina[tag]"`
# Put your extra requirements here in the following format
# package[version]: tag1, tag2, ...
# 1. Try to reuse the existing tags if possible.
# If you intend to create a new tag, keep it alphabetical, short and general
# 2. Package name itself is a tag already, so you don't need to tag it again.
# For example, 'numpy>=0.4.1: numpy' is redundant
# 3. Tag order doesn't matter; case-sensitive; duplicated tag will be ignored
# 4. Tag `all` is reserved for representing all packages
# core < perf < standard < devel: these tags correspond to Docker image tag
# test: required for **setting up test ENVIRONMENT**
numpy: core
protobuf>=3.20.0: core
grpcio>=1.46.0,<1.48.1: core
grpcio-reflection>=1.46.0,<1.48.1: core
grpcio-health-checking>=1.46.0,<1.48.1: core
pyyaml>=5.3.1: core
packaging>=20.0: core
docarray>=0.16.4: core
jina-hubble-sdk>=0.16.1: core
jcloud>=0.0.35: core
uvloop: perf,standard,devel
prometheus_client: perf,standard,devel
fastapi>=0.76.0: standard,devel
uvicorn[standard]: standard,devel
docarray[common]>=0.16.3: standard,devel
docker: standard,devel
pathspec: standard,devel
cryptography: standard,devel
filelock: standard,devel
requests: standard,devel
websockets: standard,devel
pydantic: standard,devel
python-multipart: standard,devel
aiofiles: standard,devel
aiohttp: standard,devel
aiostream: standard,devel
scipy>=1.6.1: test
Pillow: test
pytest: test
pytest-timeout: test
pytest-mock: test
pytest-cov: test
coverage==6.2: test
pytest-repeat: test
pytest-asyncio: test
pytest-reraise: test
flaky: test
mock: test
requests-mock: test
pytest-custom_exit_code: test
black==22.3.0: test
kubernetes>=18.20.0: test
pytest-kind==21.1.3: test
pytest-lazy-fixture: test
torch: cicd
psutil: test
strawberry-graphql>=0.96.0: cicd,devel
sgqlc: cicd,devel
bs4: cicd
jsonschema: cicd
portforward>=0.2.4: cicd
tensorflow>=2.0: cicd