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@jindrapetrik jindrapetrik released this Sep 8, 2018


Name File OS
Installer (Windows) Installer (Windows) ffdec_11.2.0_setup.exe Works on Windows
ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) ZIP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) Works on WindowsWorks on LinuxWorks with Mac OSX
DEB package (Linux) DEB package (Linux) ffdec_11.2.0.deb Works on Linux
Mac OS X Installer (pkg) Mac OS X Installer (pkg) ffdec_11.2.0.pkg Works with Mac OSX
Mac OS X Application (zipped) Mac OS X Application (zipped) Works with Mac OSX
Language pack for translators (zipped) Language pack for translators (zipped) Works on java
Library only (Java SE) - Zipped Library only (Java SE) - Zipped Works on java

What's new:


  • Warning panel on scripts containing §§ instructions (Tip for Settings/Automatic deobfuscation)
  • Export AS1/2 P-code as GraphViz
  • Display better Graph using GraphViz (Must be configured in Advanced settings / Path)
  • Copy AS1/2 Graph source (GraphViz) to clipboard - rightclick menu on graph
  • AS1 slash syntax support (decompilation, direct editation)
  • Setting of limit of executed instructions during AS1/2 deobfuscation
  • AS1/2 deobfuscation of empty stack pops


  • AS1/2 Better unresolved constant handling - §§constant(xx) func instead of §§constantxx
  • AS1/2 Using eval, set functions on obfuscated names instead of §§ syntax
  • Default limit of maximum executed instructions during AS1/2 deobfuscation raised to 10000


  • Better continue in for handling
  • AS1/2 For in break detection with inner switch statement
  • AS1/2 Using temporary registers after (causing incorrect chained assignments handling, etc.)
  • AS1/2 getProperty, setProperty handling
  • AS1/2 callmethod action arguments
  • Fixed §§push after continue - should be before (usually on obfuscated code)
  • AS1/2 Delete operator with nonIdentifier parameters (e.g. spaces or obfuscated)
  • DefineBits (with JPEGTables) tag export
  • No disabling autoOpenLoadedSWFs checkbox when ActiveX player not available (User can use Run button)
  • Displaying contents of local variables (AS3) while debugging
  • #1415 freezing on manually closing Flash player debug session
  • #1484 AS import error printout on commandline (NullPointer)
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