Evaluation runner for RESCAL-based matchmaking
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Evaluation runner for the RESCAL-based matchmakers.


pip install .
pip install -r requirements.txt


Observe the command-line parameters:

python matchmaker_rescal/cli.py -h

There are the following parameters:

  • -g/--ground-truth (required): Path to MatrixMarket file with the matrix that contains the ground truth about relations between contracts and their awarded bidders.
  • -s/--slices (optional): Paths to MatrixMarket files with matrices that represent slices of a tensor factorized by RESCAL. You can provide an arbitrary number of slices.
  • -c/--config (optional): Path to a configuration file in EDN. You can see default configuration here.

The input matrices for the ground truth and the slices can be produced by sparql-to-tensor.