Serializes RDF from a SPARQL endpoint to JSON-LD documents
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A command-line tool to serialize RDF from a SPARQL endpoint to JSON-LD documents. You give it a SPARQL SELECT query to select resources you want, a SPARQL CONSTRUCT or DESCRIBE query to construct a description of each resource, and a JSON-LD frame to shape the RDF graph into a predictable JSON tree.


Compile using Leiningen:

lein uberjar

Alternatively, compile using lein-binplus to produce an executable file:

lein bin

Run from the command-line:

java -jar sparql_to_jsonld.jar --help

Or, when compiled with lein-binplus:

target/sparql_to_jsonld --help

The tool reads CSV from standard input and produces JSON-LD serialized as Newline Delimited JSON. The CSV is interpreted as bindings for the template provided via the --describe argument.

You will need to provide the tool with several parameters.

  • --context (optional): IRI to be used as the value of @context in the output.
  • -d/--describe: A Mustache template for CONSTRUCT or DESCRIBE SPARQL query to describe a resource to download.
  • -e/--endpoint: URL of the SPARQL endpoint to query.
  • -f/--frame: A JSON-LD frame to apply to the resource's description. See this example.
  • -h/--help (optional): Show how to use the tool.
  • --remove-jsonld-context (optional): Remove the JSON-LD context from the provided JSON-LD frame from the output. By default, the JSON-LD context is preserved.
  • --retries (optional, default = 5): Maximum number of attempts at retrying failed queries.
  • --sleep (optional, default = 0): Time in seconds to wait in between requests to the SPARQL endpoint.
  • -v/--verbose (optional): Switch on logging to the standard error.


  • If the describe query outputs an empty RDF, it is silently skipped.


Copyright © 2016-2018 Jindřich Mynarz

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.